• Choral performances are both a visual and an aural art, and uniformity communicates professionalism and self-respect. We will wear our MHMS Concert Uniforms at all concerts and many other such performance events.

    This uniform consists of 1) Top: The MHMS Music Department Concert Polo for Intermediate, Mixed & Advanced Choir students and the MHMS Music Department T-shirts for the Beginning choir students. These shirts will be provided to the choir students prior to their first concert of the year. The cost of these shirts are covered with the annual class fees paid at registration. 2) Bottom: “Concert Black” from the waist to the floor.* Please see the "Concert Black Attire" document below for more detials on what "Concert Black" is. Students are expected to maintain their performance attire in excellent condition. A student’s performance grade will be impacted without the proper concert attire.

    Link to "Concert Black Attire" document