Making the Most of Middle School

Tips for Parents

  • Þ Study time and place: work with your child to create a regular time and place to study/do homework. Even if there is “no homework,” students should be reading and studying every day

    Þ Infinite Campus Check-in: Plan a regular time to review grade information with your child.

    Þ Review work: Ask your child to explain their coursework or homework. This will helps your child to review a concept and helps you to discover if they’re struggling.

    Þ Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Middle School means many more staff members are working with your child. Please contact any teacher directly with questions about their class, contact your child’s counselor or our Parent Involvement Facilitator with general questions, and always feel free to contact our administrators.

    Adapted from: Brussel, Anna R. “Middle School: Tips for Parents.” ASCA School Counselor. Mar, 2011.