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    Damonte Ranch High School IN-HOUSE Scholarship 

    The scholarship application is required of all students who wish to be considered for funds distributed by the Damonte Ranch High School In-House Scholarship Committee.  In order to be recognized during the In-House Scholarship CEREMONY held in May,  students MUST apply to the DRHS In-House Scholarship AND be awarded a scholarship.  Coaches, PAC, ROTC, and any other departments issuing separate awards may have their recipients’ awards mentioned during the In-House Scholarship Award Ceremony only if that student also applied and was awarded a scholarship from the In-House Scholarship Award Committee.  Students receiving these separate awards from school departments who did not apply or were not awarded an in-house scholarship may have an opportunity to be recognized during other school award ceremony events the school may host.

    Scholarships awarded by the Damonte Ranch High School In-House Scholarship Committee are not limited to the four-year college-bound, but any student seeking to continue their learning after high school in any type of educational program including trade or technical schools and community colleges. Most scholarships range from $300-$2000. The intent of the in-house scholarships is to honor and recognize senior students’ hard work during their time at Damonte Ranch High School. Students completing this application should make every effort to give detailed and accurate responses to all items and strictly adhere to the essay guidelines to ensure consideration. Proofreading is highly recommended before submitting. Good luck!

    *Special thanks to the amazing DRHS Dollars for Scholars without whom these in-house scholarships would not be possible.

    Since many scholarships require college entrance exam scores, it is highly recommended that the student report the scores to the committee on your Educational Resume (see below), as soon as possible. Your high school transcripts will be acquired by the scholarship committee from the school registrar; your unweighted and weighted GPA will be calculated by the committee. If you have completed the FAFSA application, please add your EFC score


    • An Educational Resume showing extracurricular, volunteer, and work experience. Please review the sample included on the webpage.
    • A 500-800 word essay about "What Drives You?" We all have had experiences, whether significant or not, that define who we are, events that teach us about ourselves. These experiences motivate us to succeed. These experiences drive us. Write a candid essay telling us about a meaningful experience and how it drives you. The essay should use imagery from your experience while giving us a glimpse of your character in a positive way.  

    The ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for submitting the scholarship application is Wednesday, January 19, 2023 by 3 PM Sharp, printed and handed in person to to be marked by date and time by Mr. Cabada. You can also email the essay and resume to gcabada@washoeschools.net by the deadline. There can be NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS DEADLINE. The committee will not consider incomplete applications, In order to be considered complete, the 500 word minimum, not to exceed 800 words (about 3-6 paragraphs)  must be the body of the essay and does not count the students name, the title, date, etc.

    *** No application needed, just turn in your resume and essay to be considered completed and entered and reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. 

    How You Get Your Money

    Please be aware that any money awarded to a student by the committee must be used within the subsequent academic year at the institution of their choice. Scholarship money will only be released when:

    • The student submits their "Thank You, Card".
    • The student provides a copy of their schedule.
    • The student provides a school photo ID.
    • The schedule must have the student's name and the school's name. It is the student's responsibility to send this or bring it directly to the bookkeeper. Once the required documents have been provided, it is up to the student to arrange a time to pick up a check from the bookkeeper.
    • ALL CHECKS WILL BE MADE OUT TO THE SCHOOL AND NOT THE STUDENT. Students do have a deadline to submit this information and will be advised of this deadline via their Government/English classes, email, and the DRHS Class of 2023 Teams. If this deadline is not adhered to, scholarship funds may not be available until the student's Spring semester.

     Remember The Following Disclaimer:

    **It is the student’s responsibility to inform the scholarship committee of any outside scholarships. Students who are awarded scholarships from other sources, including those offered by the schools themselves, are encouraged to notify the Damonte Ranch Scholarship Committee by way of the Scholarship Chairperson (Mr. Cabada) as soon as the student receives a notification. Doing so ensures that the student will be recognized at the awards night and in a copy of the graduation program. Since this information is "self-reported" it is critical that this deadline is met and that the student provides proof via the congratulations letter that was sent to the student. Only those scholarships that were substantiated will be recognized. The deadline for notifying the Scholarship Chair of outside awards is Friday, May 6, 2023

    Privacy Notice:

    The Scholarship Committee judges applicants on a variety of criteria (not necessarily in this order):  class rank; scholastic aptitude tests (ACT/SAT); grade point average; citizenship grades; credits and grades earned in honors and elective classes; intended college major or trade school; involvement in school and community activities; and family financial status. All information is kept confidential. 

    Awards from previous years include but not limited to the following

    Principal's Visionary Scholarship

    Valedictorian Scholarship

    Salutatorian Scholarship

    Behind the Scenes

    Hot August Nights Scholarship

    Robert Z. Hawkins Scholarship

    DRHS Performing Art Company (PAC) Scholarships

    JAG Student of the Year

    ROTC Scholarship

    DRHS Denise Hausauer Leadership Award Scholarship

    Perseverance Scholarship

    Merit Scholarships

    Vocational/Educational Scholarships

    If you have any questions regarding the scholarship parameters, please contact me @ gcabada@washoeschools.net 


    Mr. Cabada, DRHS Scholarship Chair  

     **Important Announcement 📢 This application will open on Nevada Day, October 28, 2022 and closes January 19, 2023 @ 3pm Sharp.