• It's time to start thinking and planning for College! 

    My advice is Think Backwards, What are your Top 5 College options? Are they Local or are they out of State? Do you want to be close to home/family? What do you want to Study? Does that institution offer that Degree? How much will it cost? 

    Wue- Tuition Savings: We'd rather have you stay local, but If you are planning to go out of State, be sure to check out the WUE(Western Undergraduate Exchange) for a discounted out of State Tuition. Think, west coast states that neighbor Nevada. https://www.wiche.edu/tuition-savings/wue/

    Paying for College, Fafsa: Now that you are a Junior in HS, know what the Fafsa is and what it offers, and see if you qualify for Federal Student Aid. Know the Deadlines and Apply your Senior year.  https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa

    Paying for College, Scholarships: Another way to pay for College is to apply for scholarships. It's time to Research and find the scholarships that you qualify for based on a number of factors including your GPA, your Ethnicity, Military Background, your desired Degree, and Financial Need basis. 

    My last words of advice for your Junior year is to reach out and set up an appointment to talk to an Advisor/recruiter from the College you'd like to attend to ask them specific questions on what have to offer there, you can find these on their webpage after you google/search the institution on the Web. If you'd like assistance, students, please come and see me in the Career Center or shoot me an email at gcabada@washoeschools.net. Parents, you can also search and add the 2022/2023 Damonte Ranch Parents group on Facebook to stay up to date on things your should know that are going on in the school. See you around! 

    Start applying for Scholarships Junior year! 





    updated 9/13/22, under construction, stay tuned for more updates!!!