Beret Shaving & Shaping Guide

  • Step 1
    Shave the beret using a regular shaver; either wet or dry.
    Shave it!

    Step 2
    Get the beret soaking wet and ring out the excess water.
    Get it Soaked Ring out the water

    Step 3
    Place the beret making sure the band is horizontal around your entire head. Begin combing over the excess beret from the left to the right while holding the stiffner with your left hand.
    Fold it over
    Step 4
    Pull all the excess beret over to the right side, then pull some of the excess fabric over the flash and the front side of the beret, still holding the stiffner with your left hand.
    Pull it over the flash

    Step 5
    Keep holding the stiffner until the beret begins to dry. Keep it on your head for a long period of time.

    Step 6
    Once the beret is formed on your head, take the beret off, put a paper clip behind to hold the excess over the flash (optional but recommended), and place it on a flat surface with the excess part hanging off the edge.
    Hang it off Paperclip Hang it off

    Step 7
    Wait a day for it to dry. This is the final step of forming a beret.