Female Uniform

  • Name Tag
    The nameplate is placed no less than 1 and no more than 2 inches above an imaginary line that extends from the top edge of the top coat button
    1-2 in.
    And it is centered on the verticle line of the buttons and the wearer’s right side, so that distance “A” = distance “B.”

    HUD & Wreath
    The Honor Unit / Honor Unit with Distinction device is placed 1/4 inch above the name plate and centered above it.
    1/4 in.
    In the event that the Academic Achievement Insignia is worn, the distance becomes 1/8 inch above the nameplate.
    1/8 in.

    The DUI will be placed 1/8 inch and centered above the HUD or academic wreath.
    1/8 in.

    Enlisted Rank
    Enlisted rank will be centered on the shoulder loops…
    5/8 in. up the shoulder loop from the shoulder seam.
    5/8 in.

    Officer Rank
    All officers will wear their insignia centered on the shoulder loops of the Class A jacket so that distance "A" = distance "B".
    Officers that hold the rank of C/2LT, C/1LT, C/MAJ and C/LTC will place their insignia 5/8 inch from the seam…

    5/8 in.
    and cadets who are C/1LT and C/LTC, will leave a 1/4 inch space between pips or dims.

    1/4 in.
    The other two pips or dims will then be centered in the spaces between the center pip/dim and the button and shoulder seam so that distances "A" "B" "C" and "D" are all equal

    The bottom of the insignia disk is 5/8 inch above the collar and lapel seam…

    5/8 in.
    and centered so that distance "A" equals distance "B".

    Also, the centerline of the insignia is parallel to the inside edge of the collar.


    Officer Brass
    First, locate the notch in the collar. This is the base reference point for all placement.
    In your mind, picture a reference line that bisects the notch and runs parallel with the line of the collar.
    Measure up 5/8 inch from the notch of the collar.
    Officers wear the ROTC insignia 5/8 inch above the notch of the collar, with the centerline of the insignia bisecting the notch.
    Officers also wear the Torch which is placed 5/8 inch below the notch
    Note that the line you mentally pictured running parallel to the inside edge of the color also bisects the centerline of the torch.

    The bottom of the 1st row of ribbons is parallel with the nametag…
    Bottoms should be equal
    and it is centered between the verticle line of the buttons and the wearer's left side.

    Medals will be worn centered and placed 1/4 inch below the ribbons
    1/4 in.
    (Special thanks to Emily Duvall for modeling for these pictures)