• Huskie Battalion Command and Staff


    Notice: Due to the Covid-19 situation uniforms could not be issued to cadets for staff photos. The mask were due to Washoe county/State policies surrounding social distancing and masks in public areas.





    C/LTC Jinren Jiang - Battalion Commander

    C/MAJ Rylee Collins - Battalion Executive Officer


    C/CSM Julien Castellon - Battalion Sergeant Major

    C/1LT Garret Runyan S-1


    C/2LT Devonte Singleton S-2
    (Security and Logistics Officer)


    C/1LT Donovan Mustard -  S-3
    (Operations and Training) 


    C/2LT Rowan Glover - S-4


    C/2LT Jazmin Tucker - S-5
    (Information, Technology and Public) 


    C/CPT Oscar Colbert  - S-6
    (Special Operations) 


    C/CPT Taylor Easley - Alpha Company Commander


    C/CPT Cole Cochran - Bravo Company Commander

    C/CPT Jasie Meyers - Charlie Company Commander 


    C/CPT Kylie Salgado - Delta Company Commander 


    C/CPT Athena McKemy - Echo Company Commander 


    SFC James Gilleon - LET 1 Instructor - Raider Team Overseer - Drill Team Overseer

    SGM Sandra Beekman - LET 2 Instructor - Rifle Team Overseer - Color Guard Overseer

    LTC Nicole Sarafolean - LET 3/4 Instructor - JROTC Robotics Overseer- JLAB Overseer - CyberPatriot Overseer- Huskie Battalion SAI