• panther NVHS Registrar

  • Vanessa Moore

    Direct line: (775) 321-3273
    Fax: (775) 677-5497

    To order High School Transcripts or for Education Verification please follow this link

    New Student Enrollment

    Complete the online registration through the Washoe County School District registration website and go to the New Student to WCSD Online Registration

    **Use this link for the online registration regardless of whether or not your student has never attended, is currently attending or has previously attended a Washoe County School District school.

    Proof of Address:

      • A Utility Bill (Power, Water, Sewer etc.) or a Rental or Lease agreement or Closing Escrow Papers in at least one parent/guardian’s name 
      • If you do not have these items in at least one parent/guardian’s name, see the ***SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES*** section below. 
      • Withdrawal Form: You must bring a withdrawal form from the last school that you were attending (unless the school year that you are enrolling for has not yet started)  


      • Shot Record (unless you are transferring from a Washoe County School District School)
        • Shot Record: Must include two Hepatitis A shots and three Hepatitis B shots.
        • TDaP shot cannot be more than ten years old.
        • Must have Medical Proof of having the disease Chicken Pox or two varicella vaccines.
        • Meningococcal Vaccine after the age of 11 and booster after the age of 16
        • Polio Vaccine
        • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) 
      • Transcript: of all high school grades (if you are an incoming freshman, we will need your complete middle school transcript - unless you are transferring from a Washoe County School)


      • If the parent/guardian and the student are living with another family, you must provide a letter from the homeowner stating that the parent/guardian and the student are residing there, along with Proof of Address of the homeowner.
      • If the student does not live with his/her parent, then the adult with whom the student lives and the legal parent/guardian must fill out a Washoe County School District Temporary Guardianship Form.

      • If the student’s guardian has legal guardianship, A copy of the court order must be provided.

    If you have any questions, please contact the North Valleys High School Registrar