• Attendance

    For information on the new WCSD Attendance Policy, with changes required by NRS, click here.

    Reporting a Reason for an Absence

    Please be sure to email or call the Reed High School Attendance line no later than three days after your child’s absence so an absence explanation can be recorded. Attendance is unable to record reasons for absences older than three days without a doctor’s note.
    If your child will be absent three or more days, you can request homework from the Attendance Office by calling 775-321-3110. Please allow teachers 24 hours to prepare the work.
    *Pre-Arranged Absence forms are also available in the Attendance Office.

    Emailing in a Reason for an Absence (preferred method):

    Absences my be reported by email. Please email ReedHSAttendance@washoeschools.net and include: your student's name, birthdate, the date of the absence, the length of the absence, and the reason for the absence. Changes will be made in Infinite Campus when the email is processed. 


    Calling in an Absence:

    To contact the Attendance Office please call 775-321-3110. Voicemail is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please leave a message with your student's name, date of birth, the date and length of the absence, the reason for the absence, and your contact information. Changes will be made in Infinite Campus when the absence is processed. 


    Picking Up a Student

    When you need to pick up your student early from school, please be aware of the following procedures:

    -You may call in advance to have your student waiting for you when you arrive. Please call the Attendance Office at 775-321-3110 with the exact time and reason your student needs to be dismissed. 

    -You may come in to the Attendance Office to pick up your student. You will be required to show your ID on arrival. Please allow enough time for us to send for your student as it is difficult to send for a student during passing time or during lunch. 

    -ONLY LEGAL GUARDIANS may pick up a student. Anyone other than a guardian will need to have the guardian contact the attendance office in advance to give permission for the student to be released. If the person picking up the student will do so on a regular basis and is not the legal guardian, there is a form that can be completed giving permission for the student to be release with another adult. This form is valid only for the current school year and will need to be signed and turned in by the legal guardian.



    If you need to report your child as truant, Please contact our Attendance Officer, Adriana Partida at 775-200-6221.

    DMV Driver Permit and License Forms

    If your child needs the DMV form to obtain their permit or license, they are available in the Front Office and must be returned to Cindy McDaniels.