Echo Lake
  • November 28, 2023: IC message

    Dear Parents,  

    Thank you for the generous donations of cans. We donated over 2000 cans of food for those in need! 


    Please remember to send your child with headphones to use for iReady, online programs, and lessons. They are available at most stores or you may have a pair around the house. They need to have the audio jack not wireless like airpods or bluetooth. Students needs their OWN pair for the whole year.  


    Our base is out of tissues. 🙁 We had two very generous donations of cases, and now they are gone.  Please send in donations as soon as possible. 


    Late work will be graded after our regular work. We are trying our best to keep up with regular assignments then to add to that late assignments. Patience is appreciated. It takes twice as long to grade late assignments than if they are turned in on time. Also please remember than each day an assignment is late there is a 10% reduction in grade and after 10 days, the grade will be a zero.  


    Assignments are listed in the website planner and in student's planners for what we are doing in class that day. Whatever is not completed in class is homework. We post this so students can keep track of their assignments especially when they are absent.  


    ELA: Students will continue to read "Lion: A Long Way from Home." When finished, students will complete an AR novel test toward the end of December and that grade will count for a Project and Assessments grade. Students also will begin a two-page narrative writing assignment. 

    Social Studies:  Sixth-graders are starting a unit on Africa and starting with a focus on North Africa. They will have an Africa poem project that will be explained to them on Nov. 30 and is due Mon., Nov. 11. Students will turnin the assignment using Teams. 


    Math: We are starting Module 6 which is Representing Ratios and Rates. This is the first module where the content is new not review like Modules 1 though 5. Students still have access to GoMath anytime via the web. Students will have a weekly quiz to check their progress in this new content. 5.2 Quiz retakes are due 11/28. Please don't forget to include explanations why the problem was incorrect.  

    Science: We are learning about Human Systems Interactions. There will be test when we complete our review. Please ask your students to see the notes they are taking in class and that their notebook is updated and organized. They are able to use their notebook for their test; therefore, they need to be updated and organized. The date will be on our web planner.  


    Finals will be held on Tuesday 12/19 and Wednesday 12/20. We will post the schedule for students to check. Basically, Tuesday will be 6/2/4th periods and Wednesday 1/5/3rd periods.  


    Friday, December 22nd is a teacher work day. Students do not have school. 

    Winter Break is from 12/25 to 1/8.  

    Students are also off on Monday, January 8th due to professional development.  


    Thank you for your continued support.  

    Echo Base 

    Mrs. Lowery and Ms. O'Neill 

    Echo Base website link - 




    November 9, 2023: IC message

    Dear Parents,  

    We wanted to let you know that there is a food drive currently happening for our school. The Enrichment class that brings in the most food can win a pizza party! 

    Also on Friday, November 17, is our career dress up day. Please make sure clothing is school appropriate and represents what your child wants to be when they become adults.  

    Please have students clean out their binders and backpacks at least once a week.  

    Just a friendly reminder that only water is allowed in the classroom. There is no gum, food, or other drinks allowed.  

    If you have questions, please let us know.  

    Mrs. Lowery and Ms. O'Neill 

    Echo Base 


    November 1, 2023: IC message

    Dear Parents,  


    Few reminder dates: Veterans Day is 11/10. Thanksgiving Break is 11/22-11/24. There is no school on these days.  

    Please have students check their planners for assignments especially when they are absent. It is the student's responsibility to ask for their work.  

    Please encourage your student to email us if they have questions and cannot asking during an appropriate time during class. The students have practiced this skill in their Global class and our email addresses are active links on our webpage for Echo Base.  

    If your child is going to be absent for multiple days, please have them ask us for their work as well as communicate that they will be gone. It is difficult to track every single student when we have at least 10% of our team absent daily.  

    Just a friendly reminder that every day an assignment is late, there is a 10% reduction in their grade.  

    Retakes are given once the entire class has taken their test. All information is shared with the students and written on our classroom board. Please ask your student for information.  

    AR novels for the second quarter must be read by Monday, Nov. 20.  (Students wrote these dates in their planners.) To take their AR test, students must submit a plot diagram assignment and have a signed form from an adult saying their novel is complete. Both of these papers are available in Ms. O’Neill’s classroom. Of course, students can complete their novel and their AR test before the 20th. However,  this date gives students the opportunity to read a new novel and do an AR re-take , if they want. All re-takes must be completed before Friday, Dec. 15. The same papers need to be submitted for the re-take. 


    Thanks for your support and understanding with us when we teach our team as well as 2 Global classes, so we have approximately 130 students.  


    Mrs. Lowery and Ms. O'Neill 


    What a completed planner should look like: (sent home the first week of school AND this week)


    Dear Parents,  

    Today is the first day of the second quarter. All assignments and grades for the first quarter are finalized. :) 

    Please remember that ALL assignments are listed on our team website planner at  and your student knows their assignments since they copy the planner into their paper planner during Global Studies as well as their weekly grades AND any missing assignments. Parents should be seeing AND signing planners weekly.  

    Missing assignment reports will only be printed bi-weekly for the second quarter.  

    Every day an assignment is late will be a 10% grade reduction. 2 days = 20% and 10 days = 0%.  

    Please remember students should have 30 minutes of reading AND 30 minutes of Math homework daily.  

    Students will receive a new two-week reading log on Oct. 16. In the second quarter, they also will read a class novel called "The Lion" for ELA. 

    If you have questions, please ask your students. 😊 

    Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:10AM to 2:45PM. If you email us outside of these hours, it will take up to 24 hours to respond. Thanks for your understanding.  

    Mrs. Lowery and Ms. O'Neill