• Effective Study Habits


    Choose a positive attitude.

    Studying helps you grow stronger and better. Choose an attitude that recognizes studying as a good and valuable use of time. Choose positive self-talk.

    Use time intentionally.

    Have a set study time. Study daily. Set a specific study topic and goal. Select materials to support your study time.

    Identify key terms and vocabulary.

    What do you need to know? Create study cards or lists with vocabulary, definitions, and examples.

    Write examples and understandings.

    Brain research shows that you grow neurological connections when you write. You literally grow smarter by writing. Write down what you know to identify what you have mastered and what you still need to practice.

    Reread information from notes and text.

    Note taking is a critical first step in gathering information. Note making is adding to your notes information you have identified as important beyond what your teacher has provided. Reading to learn requires multiple readings of the text.

    Discuss your learning with others.

    Explain to someone else what you are learning. You truly know a subject when you can teach it to someone else.

    Reflect on your study session.

    Acknowledge your achievement at the end of your study session.