• Mathematics Department Policies:

    These our the O'Brien Middle School common mathematics policies that ALL mathematic teachers ranging from 6th to 8th grade agree upon, follow, and implement. 

  • Grading Policies: 

    Learners are graded on MASTERY. This means that they

    must show their skill. Practice helps a ton!!!


    ACADEMIC We grade on a rubric

    Essential Skills are Nevada Common Core

    Standards broken into smaller skills and

    assessed frequently with 1- 3 skills at a time.

    These are encouraged to be retaken when a

    grade is not what you would like it to be.

    Standard Based is the assessment of the

    standard, and may not contain all of the skills.

    These are given as cumulative during a

    midterm and an endterm and are for the

    purpose of checking for retention.


    Essential Skills: iReady (All grades) = 10%

    Essential Skills Knowledge checks (quizzes)

    6th = 40%, 7th grade = 35% , 8th/Algebra = 30%

    Standard Based (midterm & endterm)

    45% all grade levels

    Semester final (average of Standard Based)

    6th = 5%, 7th = 10%,  8th/Algebra = 15%




    When you do not work, you can not expect to

    learn. You must always try!

    Work Ethic is based on two parts:

    1) Turning in your practice when


    2) Coming prepared to class EVERYDAY -

    this includes a willing attitude.

    Behavior is based on your willingness to

    learn & ability to enhance the class with active

    participation, listening to peers, & effort made.

  • Grade Improvement Policies:


    RETAKES Skills can/should be mastered.

    Retakes are highly encouraged and can happen

    WHEN all practice is completed & on your

    time. Retakes = higher grades.

  • iReady Policies:

    Learners are responsible for passing (at least a 65%) ONE lesson per week. 

    The percentage you pass with is the percentage that goes into the academic gradebook under the category Essential Skills: iReady (10% of academic grade)

    Only 1 lesson will be graded a week.