• Sky Ranch 6th Grade Washoe Base Expectations

    Mrs. Becker & Mrs. Petross

    2023 - 2024

    Name: _____________________________________________ Period: ____________ Date: _____________

    Students and parents, please initial next to each number stating that you understand the expectations.


    1.     Entering Class_________________

    • When entering the classroom, you will go to your seat immediately, read and/or start the warmup and put your items under your desk.
    • You must be in your seat when the bell rings and work on the warm up. If you are not, the progressive discipline process will be implemented.
    • The door will be closed upon the tardy bell. If you are late, you must report to the front office for a tardy pass. Simply, be on time.
    • Come prepared. Learning time is lost when you are not prepared to start the lesson. This means you need your computer, notebooks, reading book, and pen/pencil. If you need supplies, problem solve to get what you need before class begins.


    2.      During Class: _________________

    • Raise your hand when you have a question or want to participate.
    • Work quietly during individual work.
    • Work cooperatively during group work.
    • Work the entire class period.
    • Stay in your seat while the teacher is instructing/ facilitating activities.
    • Behave in a manner that does not distract from the class.


    3.      Exiting Class: _________________

    • The bell is a signal, to teachers, class time is over. This means your teacher will let you know when you can leave.
    • Take everything with you when you leave.
    • Pick up all trash around your desk area.
    • Push in your chair.


    4.     Assignments on Microsoft TEAMS: _________________


    • Finding assignments:
      • Click on the correct TEAM you have an assignment for  
      • Select assignments
      • Find the assignment name



    5.      When to get missing/absent work: ___________________

    • If you have been absent, check TEAMS for your assignments (see number 4)
    • If you do not understand what you missed, please see us during enrichment, before school, or after school.
    • You have as many days as you were absent plus one to complete absent work.



    6.      How to turn in absent or missing/late work: _________________

    • Paper Assignments: It is the student’s responsibility to turn the assignment into the teacher.
    • Digital Assignments: You can submit these anytime. If it has been MORE than a week and it has not been graded, please see your teacher at lunch.



    8.      Things to Know: ________________

    • Passes will not be allowed during the first or last ten minutes of class. Passes should only be used for an emergency.
    • When the class is walking in the hallway, you are quiet, on the right side, and in a straight line.
    • Cell phones should remain in your bag on silent/off. If it is seen in the possession of a student during class time, the progressive discipline plan will be followed.



    9.      Retake Assessments: _________________

    • To take a retake assessment, you cannot have missing assignments from the unit. You must also complete the re-take expectations; these will be determined after the assessment has been given.
    • You have two weeks from the original quiz/test date to make up missing quizzes or tests or redo a test.
    • For ELA: major projects and essays must be turned in on time. If you turn one in late, you will lose 10% per day and you will not have the opportunity to redo the project or essay.
    • Retakes will be taken during Global Citizenship class.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to let the Global Citizenship teacher know he/she has a retake.
    • If a student does not take an assessment on the day it is due, the student may take the test late, but will not have an opportunity for a retake unless the student has an excused absence.



    10.      Grading Rubric: ________________

















    Good Work
















    Needs Improvement






    59 or Below

    5 or below








    11.    Late Work: _________________

    • Work will be accepted up to two weeks past the due date
    • Each day the assignment is late, you will lose 10% off the grade



    12.  Notebooks: ___________________

    • One 3-ring binder with paper and dividers is required for the entire year for ELA and Social Studies.
    • Two notebooks (composition) are required for the entire year for Math and Science.
    • This is where all notes will be taken and referred to through the year.
    • One 1” 3 ring binder is required for Math.


    13.  Independent Reading for Book Clubs: ___________________

    • Students will participate in Book Clubs throughout the year.
    • Students will choose a book from a theme
    • Students will read for 30 minutes each day outside of school and complete a Book Club Preparation log each night
    • Students will meet in groups to discuss their books regularly, and they will complete a project for an assessment grade when they finish the book.


    14. Homework: ____________________

    • You are required to read for 30 minutes Monday-Friday.
    • Occasionally, you will have social studies and ELA homework if you do not finish in class.
    • You are required to complete your math homework nightly.
    • Occasionally, you will have science homework if you do not finish in class.
    • Total homework should be around 1 hour each night.


    15. Communication: ________________

    • Assignments will be written on the whiteboard daily.
    • You are expected to copy down assignments in your planners.
    • It is your responsibility to check Infinite Campus weekly during Enrichment for your grades.
    • You will have weekly academic and behavior grades.
    • We send parent emails monthly.
    • If you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.


    16. Progressive Discipline Plan: ________________


    • Step 1-Warning-restate expectation
    • Step 2-Re-teach the expectation
    • Step 3-Removal from class to solo-seat. Student reflection form. Phone call home. Major behavior write-up in IC.  
    • Step 4-If behavior continues and/or the behavior is severe, students take an immediate trip to the office. Phone call home. Major behavior write-up in IC. Consequences in place such as: detention, work crew, and suspension.  





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