• Santa Maria Volcano, Guatemala

    Welcome Students and Families,

    I am so excited to start this school year off, and I hope you are too. I recently moved into the area, and I look forward to learning about the community and building relationships with you and your student. Your student has an exciting year ahead of them with lots to learn, analyze, and write.

    I have taught middle school ELA for several years and have enjoyed every moment of it. I realize that reading and writing isn't always a student's favorite thing, but I do my best to make it enjoyable and relate what we are learning to real-life applications. Often, this involves discussion, critical thinking, and project-based learning, all of which make learning fun for everyone, myself included. I have two daughters entering sixth grade; I understand that learning can have its challenges, but that can't stop us from meeting our fullest potential. In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering and practicing yoga. My passion is for our youth, and as such, I enjoy coaching robotics on our campus and in the community. I also enjoy reading, taking random enrichment classes, and camping.

    As you will soon know, my classroom is structured to encourage student growth in the content areas and as a human. I encourage my students to have a growth mindset and take risks in their learning. For this to transpire, it requires everyone to be respectful, trust one another, have an open mind, and be accountable. In the first weeks of school, we will establish these norms. I don't expect my students to be mind readers; the rules and procedures will be posted, reviewed, and evaluated as necessary.

    I have an open-door policy and advocate for students and parents to speak to me if an issue arises or even to chat. I expect the same from students and parents. If there is an issue that I have difficulty resolving, I will reach out to the parent and ask for help in resolving the issue. Together I know we can sort out anything. I encourage you to save my contact information. I prefer emails, but feel free to call me.

    Again, I look forward to getting to know you. Stay tuned to the Washoe Team website and check if often. It is continuously updated and is another way we can all stay connected.



    Kelly Petross

    Email: Kelly.petross@washoeschools.net

    Phone: 775-626-0060 ext. 45858