Reagan Kanet

    Tahoe Base

    Hobbies - Play soccer, paint, play violin, acting, and play games

    Favorites - Painting, spaghetti, the color purple, cats


    Katherine Dunn

    Blue wing

    Hobbies - read, write, and play volleyball

    Favorites - horror movies, music and true crime podcasts


    Roxie Dabney


    Hobbies - Reading, drawing on her iPad, hanging out with friends

    Favorites - family, friends, reading, and her teachers. "I also love sleep-that’s amazing"



    Braeden Drace 

    Black rock

    Hobbies - I like to cook and do art 

    Favorites - some of my favorite things are my family, friends, and food




    Zayne Lemus

    Pah Rah

    Hobbies - I like to play soccer and basketball

    Favorites - Family, basketball and pasta

    FUN FACT - I'm 13 years old and in 7th grade


    McKenna Evans


    Hobbies - art, reading, crocheting, and being with my friends!

    Favorites - a good book, the lake, skiing and family!

    FUN FACT- I really like art and I have a very large imagination and a positive attitude!

















    Meet Hailey Burns from Black Rock!

    Hobbies: Reading, writing and playing soccer

    Favorites: Plants and books

    Thank you for being a great role model!



    Reagan Weaver from Blue Wing!

    Hobbies: Reading and playing the violin

    Favorites: Country music, Marvel movies, dogs and cats

    She loves school, especially Science and History!


    Rilee Brewer from Pah Rah!

    Hobbies: Softball and Volleyball

    Favorites: Her bunny, pop music, friends, and family

    Fun Fact: She is pretty shy!