• Competency Grading allows learners to show their understanding through assessments. These assessments are broken into specific skills based from the adopted Nevada State Common Core Standards and utilize the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics practices. Learners illustrate understanding through showing all their work and mathematical thinking with detail and organization. 

    When a learner's level of understanding is unacceptable to them, they are encouraged to continue learning that skill.  It is always permitted to show their competency in a retake assessment. 


    "Even superheros had to practice to master their skills" ~ unknown. The retake process is available all year long. The ONLY assessments not allowed to retake are County Assessments, MAPs, SBAC, or semester finals. Skills are allowed to be reassessed infinite amount of times until the level of understanding is desired. Once an assessment is returned, there are four steps to complete the retake process:

    1) Reflect on the grade given if the grade given is not acceptable to you. Reflect on your preparation and work completed for that skill. Commit to a timeline in which you can relearn and retake. Have that reflection and timeline written out.

    2) Fix the mistakes made on the assessment on a seperate paper. Organize your work. Teachers are avalaible to reteach, encourage, and guide. There are several other avenues you may use as well. 

    3) Complete similiar type problems to build confidence in your understanding. Choose at least one of the following:

    • Watch a youtube video and summarizing the example in it 
    • Use a website to watch a lecture and try practice problems
    • Try a few extra problems from your GoMath workbook
    • Create a study guide for that skill by defining the skill, using an example problem solved, and listing the common mistakes when completing that type of problem

    4) Show all of the above to teacher and complete a retake assessment of that skill. The retake will be graded within 24 hours.

    If the retake assessment is an unacceptable grade, the learner may begin the process again. This allows ALL learners to receive the highest possible outcome for every skill, all year long.

    Mathematics is a subject that is not easily learned on a given timeline. The retake process allows for flexibility in learning, and relieves the stress of "having a bad day" when an assessment is given.