• Student Technology Guide

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    Which Computer Apps Will Students Use For School? How Will Students Use The Apps?

    • Teams, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Sway and OneDrive are the most common apps students will use at Sky Ranch.  All these apps are downloaded on each student school computer.  If students are not using their school computer, they can go to www.office.com, sign in with their student ID@washoeschools.org and use their password from last year. This will allow them to use the same apps, but they are an online version of the desktop apps.

     MS App Overview


    How do Students Find Apps on Their Computer?

    • All apps can be found by clicking the Windows icon on the bottom left of their computer screen.  Scroll through the apps until you find the one you want. You can also right click on the app you want and pin it to the taskbar (which is the bar on the bottom of your screen).  Some school computers may already have your apps pinned to the task bar.

     Locating Apps

    Can Students Download Other Apps?

    • Per WCSD technology policy, students should NOT download apps to their school computer unless they are approved by the district. A complete list of approved apps is listed on the WCSD website: https://approveddlt.washoeschools.net/
    • We do suggest downloading Google Chrome.

    What Should a Student's Schedule Look Like When Learning From Home?

    • We STRONLY suggest students follow the same schedule as if they were at school. For example, they should be in front of their computer at 7:30am to begin their 1st period class.  When it is passing period, students should get up, stretch, use the restroom or get a snack. If students are unable to follow their normal school schedule, they must still complete their work for that assigned day. Each period should consist of about 40 minutes of work during this hybrid model which translates to 240 minutes of 4 hours of work per day.
    • Some teachers will have LIVE lessons where students need to attend. Students need to immediately check their class through TEAMS during each of their normal class period times. This will allow them to see if there is a LIVE lesson. LIVE lessons will be posted on the conversation tab with a link.

     Teams Conversation Tab

    • Some teachers will post a recorded lesson instead of teaching LIVE. These lessons will be posted throughout the day depending on each teacher’s schedule.  Recorded lessons will be posted on the conversation tab AND in their OneNote.
    • During and after each lesson, students will complete work.  This can be lesson notes and an assignment.  We strongly suggest students take notes in a spiral notebook (or on their digital notebook) so they can reference the lesson later.  Any digital assignment will be in OneNote and in Teams. Paper copies of work will be turned in at school, though your teacher my still need them to be marked turned in through Teams which will notify the teacher of its completion.

    How do Parents Know What Work Their Child Should Complete?

    • Each student will have a Sky Ranch paper planner.  During enrichment, students will fill out their planners with classwork they didn’t finish and any required homework. Students will also write important dates, class information, and their weekly grades. We also suggest students share their username and password with their parents and teach them how to navigate Teams/OneNote.  This will allow parents to know what assignments are missing or turned in late before it is posted on Infinite Campus.
    • Students are required to share their planners daily with parents. Maintaining a complete planner is part of a student’s weekly enrichment grade.
    • Parents can also check their child’s team website for important information. Please go to the Sky Ranch website at www.washoeschools.net/skyranch; click on SIXTH GRADE WEBSITE; then click on the correct Base.
    • Ask your student to show you the class assignment list in Teams. Teachers give feedback in Teams on the assignment. Check to see if any points have been recorded for the assignment in Teams.

    How do Students Meet Their Daily Attendance Requirements?

    • Students MUST check in with their teacher on distant learning days. Teachers are required to take attendance daily for every period. If students are in a LIVE lesson, the teacher will take attendance and students can respond with “here” or “present” during roll call. If students don’t attend a LIVE lesson, or there is not one for the day, it is the student’s responsibility to turn in their daily work BEFORE 2:00pm.  If teachers do not receive work from students before 2:00pm they will be marked absent.
    • Other than attending a LIVE session, students can meet their attendance requirements by completing and turning in their daily work through Teams.  If students do NOT complete their daily work on distant learning days, they are marked absent.
    • Teachers are not expected to track down students for attendance.

    Where Should Students Work on Assignments? How Should Students TURN IN Assignments?

    • Students can work on their digital assignments through TEAMS or OneNote; OneNote is more user friendly than Teams.  Everything you work on through OneNote automatically saves, so we suggest using OneNote when at all possible.

     OneNote Orientation

    • Once students complete their work on OneNote, they need to attach their work through Teams when instructed to do so. Please make sure to clearly read the assignment directions.
    • Click on the assignments tab in Teams. Then find the assignment you need to turn in.  Click on it. Hit the plus button on the bottom of the screen.  Then click on your OneNote class notebook and attach the correct assignment. Then click TURN IN.
    • After students completed an assignment on Teams, be patient for your grade. Teachers must transfer grades from Teams to Infinite Campus for parents to view.

    Turn In Button

    What if Students Need Help?

    • FIRST-click on the Team you need to ask your question (math, ELA, SS, etc.).  Type your question on the conversation tab in the correct Team.  Make sure to type the @ symbol to tag your teacher. One of your fellow classmates may be able to help you before your teacher can assist you. The conversation tab is for help on lessons, NOT to chat with friends. 

    Help With Teams 1

    • SECOND-if you still need help, or your question did not get answered, email your teacher through Outlook. Please make sure to email your teacher properly.  See example.
    1. Open your Outlook app and click new mail.
    2. Type in your teacher's email address (see list below)
    3. Type your topic in the subject line (ex: Assignment Help)
    4. Compose an appropriate email with a greeting, your question, and a salutation using correct grammar, spelling, and capitalization.

    Email Example

    • Please be patient with your teacher.  Teachers usually check their email before school, on their prep period, and after school.  It may take a couple hours to get back to you. Therefore, we highly suggest using the conversation tab.

    6th Grade Teacher Email List

    Specialist Email