• 8/12/22 

    Hello Families! 

    Welcome to Eagle Base!  We are excited to have you on board and just wanted to share a few things to get you started.  Students on Eagle Base will have Mrs. Lowery as their Math and Science teacher and Mrs. Day as their ELA and Social Studies teacher.  Our classrooms adjoin and we work very closely to have consistent expectations of your student. 

    Monday, August 15th, is our first day of school and we look forward to meeting each of our students.  The first bell rings at 7:22AM, with school beginning at 7:30AM.  Students will report to their Enrichment teacher first thing on Monday and Tuesday.  Mrs. Lowery is room 412 and Mrs. Day is room 411.  We are up the stairs across from the cafeteria.  We will have several hours together and will help your students learn the layout of the school as well as participate in several welcoming activities.  There will not be much content taught this week, but students should be reading a choice book independently for 30 minutes each evening for their homework.  We look forward to seeing everyone Monday! 

    The supply list can be found below.  Please obtain supplies as soon as possible, as we do not provide any of that in class.  Students will not begin the year with lockers so please monitor that your student only has what is needed in their backpack.  Students will not be issued a laptop to take home but we will use them frequently in the classroom.  We recommend that your student brings a sack lunch for the first week of school, as the lunch lines are very long. 

    Here is the supply list for Eagle Base: 

    (1) 1” Binder with at least 3 dividers 

    (3) 100 page composition notebooks 

    (1) 1 subject spiral notebook 

    Sharpened Pencils 

    Colored Pencils 

    1 pen 



    Thank you and enjoy your last weekend of summer break! 

    Mrs. Lisa Lowery and Mrs. Sara Day