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     Week of 9/20-9/24

    This week we will be learning about continental drift and tectonic plate movement. The end of the quarter and our Fall Break are fast approaching. For Science, all late work will be due Friday 10/1. 

    If you haven't already please take some time to view our Parent Night presentations. The link on the Home Page of the website. All the core teachers put a short video up for parents. 

    If you are excluded please use the calendar to see what we are doing in class. Do as much as you can and when you return I will help you get organized.




     Ways to get in touch with your Team:

      Mr. Fleck:  dfleck@washoeschools.net   or Google Voice # 775-453-6279

      Mrs. Kalleres:   akalleres@washoeschools.net  or Google Voice # 775-525-0121

      Mr. Eschaton:  malakai.eschaton@washoeschools.net  650-260-5269

      Ms. Honold: renee.honold@washoeschools.net  Google Voice # 775-234-3793

      Mrs. Cranmer (Counselor)  mcranmer@washoeschools.net