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    Greetings 6th Graders and Families!

    I am so excited to be your teacher.  I am eager to be back in the school with you!  I’d like you to know a little about me.

    I am entering my 20th year of teaching!  I always knew I would be a teacher.  Even as a young child, I planned strategies I would use to teach students.  I would keep good ideas in mind, and I knew which ideas not to use.  I remembered the teachers who touched my life, and I took note of how they did so.  I wanted to be the teacher that students love, respect, and learn how to learn from. 


    In addition to my love of teaching, I also love my family!  I have 4 amazing children and step-children and a wonderful husband.  We enjoy watching movies and football, going on walks, having beach days, camping, playing cards, and anything outdoors.  We are a loud, silly, outgoing, fun bunch of people!


    I am also a loud, silly, outgoing, fun…but also very structured and organized teacher!  I love to have fun in the classroom. I love to see my students be who they are; whether that is silly, serious, quiet, loud, a listener, a talker.  Whoever you are, be that person!  However, in our classroom, we will have a strong dose of routine, structure, respect, and high expectations.  There is a time and place for everything, and knowing the time and place for being silly is key to success.


    An important fact about me is that I was a struggling reader all the way through 16th grade.  That was my senior year of college!  Then, something clicked for me.  It was amazing!  When I was learning how to teach students how to comprehend, I learned to comprehend!  It was then that I discovered this amazing love for reading that I have.  I want to help you all learn how to dive deep into your books, and love reading the same way I do.  And since I know what it is like to be a struggling reader, I can help struggling readers.  And since I know what it is like to dive deep into higher level books, I can help higher readers do the same.  Reading is a powerful tool in all parts of life.  With comprehension skills, you can learn anything!


    I am eager to see how you all grow as readers, mathematicians, scientists, and learners.  Together we will take FLIGHT, learn how to learn, and make everyone proud!



    Mrs. Annie LaRose

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  • Meet Mrs. Griffith


    Hello! Here is a little about me. 


    My BA degree is from San Jose State University (SJSU). After teaching at a private school, I attended SJSU again to receive a teaching credential and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I have experience teaching elementary (1st, 2nd, 5th) and middle school (6th-8th) in CA. This will be my third year at Sky Ranch teaching 6th Grade Math and Science.

    These are a few of my favorite things:


    Jamaica, Vietnam, South Korea, Mexico, and Canada are a few places I've enjoyed. My favorite place to visit (thus far) is Maui. I love snorkeling in Maui.


    Dixit, Set, Cranium, Clue, Relative Insanity, Dictionary, and more

    Arts & Crafts

    Painting, Decal Designs, Home Décor, and more

    Family Time

    Outside of Covid-19, we usually have 30+ family members gather for holidays and celebrations. I enjoy going to Wild Island with my family and any time we are able to go to the beach. Our kids love to play "hide-n-seek" in the dark.

    I am looking forward to teaching Math and Science this year at Sky Ranch! I hope students will learn to love learning as much as I do.