• The International Thespian Society and Nevada Thespians provide several opportunities for students to participate in conferences and festivals. While any student can participate in any event, there are opportunities only available to Inducted Thespians. Thespian status is earned through participation in the after school theatre program as an actor, designer, or technician. Roles are assigned point values based on how much time they spend to successfully complete their role. When a student has eared 10 Thespian Points, they are invited to be inducted to The International Thespian Society. Non-inducted Thespians can participate in the festivals at an additional price.

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    Tech and Leadership Conference

    At the beginning of the year, students participate in a two day conference for this Nevada Thespian Event. On Friday after school, students participate in workshops taught by the State Thespian Officers about how to develop different leadership skills. Saturday is divided into two parts: The Tech Workshops and Tech Olympics. In the morning students participate in workshops in tech areas including lights, sound, set construction, props, costumes, rigging, stage management, and design. In the afternoon, students compete with their school in tech olympics. Each student will fill a different role on their team and compete in that area. Awards are given to members of the team who took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each area, and the bronze wrench, silver flashlight, and gold drill are given to the team who took 3rd, 2nd, and 1st. The Gold Tape Measure is given to the team who was the most accurate in their event.


    Northern Nevada Regional

    Students prepare and present Individual Evnts (IE's) in Acting or Tech/Design areas. Judges use a rubric to score students and students who score a Superior, the highest score, qualify to move on to The International Thespian Festival. For rubrics and regulations visit the NV Thespian IE Help page. Each school can also bring a One Act to perform and compete against other schools in the region. The One Act that recieves the highest score moves on to perform at the Nevada State Thespian Conference. Students can also audition to be a part of Opening Number, a musical/play written and directed by Gerald Born.


    Nevada State Thespian Conference

    In Las Vegas, Thespians from around the state gather and participate in workshops to help students improve in their craft of theatre. The top ten percent of students who recieved a Superior Score at Regionals compete to perform at a showcase and for Scholarships for the International Thespian Festival. The One Acts who recieved the highest score in their region compete to be the Chapter Select and to represent our state at International Thespian Festival. Students involved in Opening Number rehearse and prepare for their performance for the rest of the Thespians. Schools can have their shows adjudicated and can be selected to bring their show to perform.


    International Thespian Festival

    The International Thespian Festival is a weeklong celebration of high school theatre, which includes eleven main stage productions presented by high schools, plus over 40 one-act plays also presented by high schools. The event offers students audition opportunities for over 50 colleges for scholarships and acceptance into the program, plus nearly 200 workshops for students and teachers to fine-tune their skills. Students who qualified with a Superior Score at Regionals present their IE and can be showcased in the Awards Ceremony at the end of the festival. Non-Inducted Thespians can participate in all these events except presenting their IE and college auditions.