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College and Career Development & Information

  • College and Career Development starts at a very young age.  During their middle school years, students begin their career exploration journey by developing a sense of identity.  Over the course of our three years, we work together on identifying three major components of a successful career choice: skills, values and interests.  Classroom guidance lessons and field trips will broaden their perspective and encourage them to incorporate all three components when considering a career. 

    • 6th grade lessons focus on discovering their identity and asking "Who Am I?": What they enjoy doing as a hobby, their values, identifying interests and strengths
    • 7th grade lessons focus on "Where Am I going?": A closer look into careers through career/construction day field trips and researching careers online based on their interests, skills and values
    • 8th grade lessons will narrow their focus on "How do I get there?":  Career day field trip, High school transition activities, understanding high school diploma types, Career & Technical opportunities, and required coursework for certain careers


    Students will be introduced to a variety of career exploration sites, such as:


    It's never too early to prepare for college and careers.  These websites offer the most current information regarding higher education and an option to subscribe to weekly newsletters for regular updates: