• Boys Basketball


    Tryouts: Tuesday,  Nov. 1, 2022

    Coaches: Joshua Dupree (8th), John Cardoza (8th), Junior Minters (7th), Kourtnie Greene (7th)

    john.cardoza@washoeschools.net   reginald.minters@washoeschools.net  jodupree@washoeschools.net kourtnie.greeene@washoeschools.net


    bbb schedule


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    • 7 min quarters
    • 5-7 minute halftime - with two-minute buzzer 
    • 5-7 minute warmup between first and second game
    • Both coaches must agree to to have a running fourth quarter clock if score is 35 or more
    • The B game is played first for the 1st half of the season
    • No Full, Half court or trap once a 20 point lead is established (technical foul)
    • Overtime -   (2) 3 minute overtimes.