Orchestra Classes Offered at Shaw

Orchestra gives you wings



    6th Grade Beginning Strings

    • This is a beginning strings class for 6th grade. 6th graders are required to take a music class and can choose to take a band, orchestra, or choir. Students will learn basic note reading, identify strings and note names on their instruments, and become familiar with either violin, viola, cello, or bass. Students will also learn the basic anatomy of string instruments, instrument care, methods of performance, and how to practice at home. This course may seem slow at times because students would like to start playing and making noise right away, but there is a lot of ground to cover before getting to that stage. I have planned plenty of interactive and engaging activities to do along the way as students begin their string journey.

    7th Grade Intermediate Orchestra

    • This is a 7th-grade course. Students in this course will expand their knowledge and experience from 6th grade. The students will advance their techniques by learning how to play parts independently from other sections and bring them together to form more complex pieces of music within various genres. They will also learn more advanced concepts like key signatures, articulation, phrasing, rhythm meters, etc. These skills will help prepare students for upcoming events in Washoe County like the Orchestra Festival and prepare them for 8th grade.

    8th Grade Advanced Orchestra

    • This is the most advanced orchestra class offered at Shaw. These students will take their orchestra experience from the last two years and become more well-rounded musicians. Students will begin to understand how to express emotions by using written notes in music as well as their technical ability. Students will also learn how to interpret music beyond paper. They will use these skills to prepare them for Orchestra Festival, school concerts, and other playing opportunities throughout the year. This course is also meant to prepare them for high school if they choose to pursue orchestra.