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    Ms. Plumb - Science
    ( holds a Bachelor's in Environmental Science from UC Davis and holds a degree in secondary education with an emphasis in science. She is currently working on her Masters in Educational Technology. Her science classes are student centered, hands on, and lab based. 
    She loves being outdoors backpacking, snowboarding or rock climbing. Since moving to Nevada in October she has also started split boarding, snowmobiling and paddleboarding.  Obviously, she loves being outside and is looking forward to exploring earth science with her students in the classroom! 
    Mr. Peters - Science and ELA Substitute

    ( attended the University of Nevada, Reno and graduated in 2019, receiving a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. His interests are chemistry, physics, and biology especially at the middle and high school level.

    Some of his interests outside of education include photography (especially concert photography), cooking, and music journalism.

    Mr. Sorensen - Math and Social Studies
    ( holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism and a Master's in Elementary Education. He has been a GATE teacher for five years.
    He is married and has a two-year old daughter. In his increasingly rare spare time he enjoys hiking, cooking, singing, cheering on the San Antonio Spurs, and diving into British TV shows.
    Ms. McElhany - ELA
    ( Olivia McElhany has her bachelor’s in secondary education with an emphasis in English and a master’s in literacy specialties. This will be her 15th year teaching and her 2nd with magnet. 
    Ms. Mac embraces her inner dork, has to read for fun each and every day or she feels at a loss, loves getting outside, and has a zoo at home: 1 big husband, 2 goofy kids, 2  dogs, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and 4 fish. She loves teaching middle school because it is such a time of transformation for kids- and thus never boring. In fact, Ms. Mac learns just as much from her students each year as they learn from her!