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    Billinghurst Orchestras, Advanced Band & Jazz Band, Mixed Choir

    Music in the Parks Festival Tour 2018




    You must communicate with Mrs. Neidhold, Mr. Neidhold or Mrs. Heglund about payments for this trip.   A PARENT CONTRACT is included in this packet.  You must return the PARENT CONTRACT and the student’s BEHAVIOR CONTRACT or it will be assumed your student will not be participating in the trip.  Please know that a significant amount of time is spent planning and implementing this experience for your child.  Your communication with your child’s teacher is critical in making sure we are planning appropriately. 


    Payments are due according to the schedule.  If you are not able to follow the payment schedule in this handout, please indicate your needed payment schedule on the PARENT CONTRACT.  Parents MUST communicate about payments for this tour, either through checks, cash, email or written notes about payments.  Students will NOT be allowed to participate in the tour if there is no communication.


    This is a wonderful and enriching opportunity for Billinghurst Orchestra & Band students.  We sincerely hope to take all students on the 2018 tour.




    This trip will provide students the opportunity to perform in a competitive festival.  Judges’ comments will encourage the ensembles and individual members to improve technically and musically.  The following day spent in 6-Flags theme park will reward the students for intense and productive work.


    This is the tenth year for this tour and all trips have been phenomenal successes.  The student’s behavior has been exemplary and their performances at the festival were wonderful.


    Participating Orchestras:                 Participating Bands:             Participating Choir:

    Golden Strings                                    Jazz Band                               Mixed Choir

    Advanced Orchestra                           Advanced Band



    May 14            Choir Concert at Billinghurst

    May 15            Orchestra Concert at Billinghurst

    May 16            Band Concert at Billinghurst

    May 18            Leave after 3rd mod

    May 19            Return between 11 p.m. and midnight depending on traffic


    Festival:          Music in the Parks                  www.musicintheparks.com




    To be assigned by tour coordinator:  a hotel near the Music in the Parks (Vallejo) festival with indoor hallways and an outdoor pool.  Students will be assigned four to a room.  Chaperones will be assigned rooms separate from students, two adults to a room.




    Friday night pizza party included at the performance venue.  Saturday breakfast provided by hotel, lunch included in tour package.  Parents should expect to provide a sack lunch on Friday and money for a fast food dinner on Saturday as well as snacks throughout the two days.


    Chaperones:              Please see Chaperone sign-up sheet at the end of this packet.


    According to WCSD, over-night trips must have one chaperone to every eight students.  If you are interested in chaperoning, please fill out the Chaperone Information Form at the end of this packet.


    Each volunteer must register with the WCSD Volunteer Office.  Overnight trip chaperones must be fingerprinted and the wait time for approval is a minimum of 6 weeks.  Please plan ahead.  You must start the chaperone volunteer process by seeing Kim Smith in the Billinghurst office.


    The first 25 parents to return the Chaperone Information Form to Mrs. Neidhold will be on the list for the trip.  Any remaining parents will be on a waiting list.


    Behavior Expectations:

    All students and parents will be required to sign a Behavior contract.

    Bus Company:           Amador Stage Lines


    Tour T-Shirt: All participating students will receive a tour t-shirt to be worn on Saturday at 6-Flags.


    Costs: For students who have not begun payments



    February 15     $85 Deposit    


    March  15        $85

    April 15           $85

    May 1st            $80 – Decreased based on fundraising from individual teacher


    Individual groups have arrangements to decrease the cost of the trip based on fundraising within that ensemble.  The April payment will be reduced based on fundraising profits.


    Students must be on time with payments by March 15th to be included in the trip.  Lump sum payments must be made by April 13th.  After March 15th , students will be dropped from the roster and all funds will be returned minus a $25 cancellation fee charged by the tour company.



    Each ensemble has its own fundraising possibilities.  Please contact the teacher directly about fundraising.




    Music in the Parks Tour 2018    Behavior Contract

    Return to Mrs. Neidhold, Mr. Neidhold or Mrs. Heglund by February 15th  



    Student Name_______________________________________________(please print)


    The purpose of this contract is to insure a successful and enjoyable trip for all students.

    Participation in the Music in the Parks (Vallejo) performance and tour is dependent on satisfactory behavior during the 2017-18 school-year.  Student’s behavior in class and in school will have bearing on tour participation.  Students receiving Citizenship grades lower than a B in their respective Orchestra, Band or Choir class or students who are suspended or expelled during the school year may be eliminated from the tour at the teacher’s discretion.

    Students are expected to act with mature behavior on the tour.  The students of the Billinghurst music ensembles will be polite to other groups performing at the festival, follow all of the bus drivers’ instructions, keep noise levels down in the hotel and act with good citizenship to Billinghurst students and any other people encountered on the trip.

    No alcohol, drugs, illegal substances or weapons of any kind.  No fighting.

    Students will be at all announced meeting places on time and obey the hotel curfew.

    Cell phones and personal music devices, such as iPods, are allowed.  Students will not carry any electronic device into the performance venue.  Students and parents acknowledge that Billinghurst Middle School, the charter bus company, chaperones and teachers are not responsible for any personal belongings.

    The Billinghurst dress code will be enforced on the trip.  On Saturday, May 19th students will wear the Billinghurst Tour T-shirt.  Students may not alter the Billinghurst Tour T-shirt including cutting and shortening the shirt. Students may wear hats at the park.  All clothing must be decent and civilized with no foul language or alcohol/cigarette advertisements or clothing that might be associated with gang activity.  Shorts will be school dress code.  The teachers reserve the right to ask a student to change their clothes if deemed inappropriate.

    Parents understand if a student breaks this Behavior Contract during the trip, they (the parents) will, at their own expense, come pick up their child and return them home separately from the tour group.  (Students, this means if you do not have appropriate behavior on the trip, Mr. or Mrs. Neidhold or Mrs. Heglund will call your parents to come get you in middle of the trip.  You will return home with your parents.)

    Parents understand that if a student is suspended or expelled from Billinghurst they will jeopardize their right to attend the trip and any funds paid to date.


    I agree to abide by all of the Behavior Expectations:





    Student Name___________________________________________________________



    Billinghurst Music in the Parks (Vallejo) Tour 2018




    NOTE:  If you do not return this contract and the BEHAVIOR CONTRACT, it will be assumed that your son or daughter will not participate in the 2018 trip.


    I have read the information in this Music in the Parks (Vallejo) and plan to have my son or daughter participate in this opportunity.


    Please check one:



                  I plan to follow the payment plan listed below:

                            February 15     $85 Deposit

    March  15        $85

    April 15           $85

    May 1st            $80



                  I plan to pay a deposit by February 15th of $85 and the remaining lump sum

                  payment of $250 by this date__________.

                                                    (MUST be on or before April 13, 2018.)







                   I need a separate payment plan.  Here are the dates and amounts I will be able to pay. All payments must be complete by May 1, 2018.   I understand that if these dates and amounts change that I will contact Mrs. Neidhold, Mr. Neidhold or Mrs. Heglund to let them know about the change either by note or email.











    See other side


    I understand the deadlines are:

    February 15th  Deposit of $85 is due

    February 16th   Deadline for notice to participate with on-time payments.  After this date student spots will be filled as available due to cancellations.

    March 1st         100% Refund if withdrawn before March 1st.

    Mar 1-Mar 15 Full Refund minus $25 cancellation fee if withdrawn

    March 15th       No refunds after March 15th

    May 1st            All fees must be paid.


    These dates are applicable even if the Behavior Contract has been violated.



    Washoe County School District has changed their policies regarding Permission Slips for trips, especially overnight trips.  By signing this contract you are acknowledging that students must return a separate permission slip (given to the students in April/May) for this trip.  The WCSD Permission Form is in addition to the Behavior Contract.  Students will not be allowed to participate in the trip, regardless of payment, if both the permission slip and the Behavior Contracts are not returned.


    Make check out to:  Billinghurst Middle School



    Please return to Mr. or Mrs. Neidhold by February 15th.


    If you would like to mail your check, please address it to:


    Mrs. Neidhold OR Mr. Neidhold OR Mrs. Heglund

    Performing Arts Department

    Billinghurst Middle School

    6685 Chesterfield Lane

    Reno, Nevada 89523


    You may also make payments in the office to Kellie Carney.  Please make sure to notify your child’s teacher about the payment for our records.



    I have read the Music in the Parks Festival Information Packet and understand all of the terms and conditions.


    Print Name____________________________________


    Signature______________________________________    Date______________

    Chaperone Intent Form -  Please return to Mrs. Neidhold.



    Parent Name____________________ Student Name_____________________


    Here is some information about chaperoning:


    * Only parents and relatives (older than 21) of Billinghurst Orchestra, Band & Choir students may chaperone.

    * Chaperones do not pay.

    * The first 25 parents to return this form will be included on the trip.  Additional parents will be placed on a waiting list.  Parents will be notified by March 1st if they are not included on the trip.

    * You must be available for the entire trip with some exceptions to be approved by Mrs. Neidhold.

    * Chaperones will receive a detailed itinerary before the trip.

    * Chaperones are housed two to a room.

    * Because this is an overnight trip, chaperones must be fingerprinted with the WCSD in order to participate.  Fingerprinting takes 6-weeks to clear and must be cleared before the trip.

    * Chaperoning is easy because we have great kids.




    You must begin the volunteer process with Kim Smith in the Billinghurst office.  All chaperones must contact Kim Smith, even if you are a WCSD employee.  (WCSD employees must fill out the volunteer form but generally do not need to be re-fingerprinted.)  The volunteer office changes their procedures every year.  Please be flexible.


    ***Please know that busy parents sometimes forget to communicate with Mrs. Neidhold.  Make sure you turn in this form and reply to all emails sent out by Mrs. Neidhold.  There have been a few close cases of leaving chaperones off the list because they did not return emails.


    Email address:  _________________________________


    Home phone:  ______________________


    Cell phone:  _______________________


    Work phone:  ________________________


    WCSD Employee?  Yes_____                                   No_____