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    Bit Project would like to offer another FREE 5-8 weeks software engineering bootcamps for high school and college students who want to explore various careers in tech called BitCamps. Students work with mentors from prestigious institutions and seasoned engineers from the industry to learn about cutting edge technology. Bit Project wanted to create a program like this because we believe in giving students the opportunity to work with real mentors on projects using industry-standard tools. 

    Here is a quick overview of the program:

    • The program will start on September 21st, remotely. Announcements will be made on September 16th on who got accepted into the program. 
    • You will receive the chance to meet and network with professionals, who will be the mentors during the program, and undergraduate students across the nation.

    • In regards to technical experience required, we do take into account a typical high school student’s experience in programming. We highly recommend that you are able to show genuine interest in the program through the application. Moreover, we would love to get to know you more through the application, so please work hard on it! 

    • You will work on a team, but you will have the opportunity to work on your own coding projects. The main goal of the program is to present your work in a live webinar.


    Bit Camp


    Pathways to Aviation Career Symposium - Learn about careers in aviation, speciality panel workshops and much more.  Oct 5-9, 2020.  It's free just register here:

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