Distance Learners New Login web page

Posted by Tanya Harrell on 9/14/2020

We have a new link that starts today. Students need to replace old link with this new link below.  Additionally, they need to use their district password like they would for a district computer (for envision Math, Dream Box, Teams etc.). If they forgot or changed their password, then then need to reset the district password with IT rep on your campus.


How do I login at home?

We have increased the security in how students access Edgenuity. Please use the following new link https://auth.edgenuity.com/login/saml/student/washoeschools

Use your school district Username and Password that you sign into a district computer with. 

Example Username 1234567@washoeschools.org 


Password Use the same password required to log into the school computers.


Student Hints:

Make sure you are using .org in your username

Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser. 

If you have a pc/mac or mobile device that is not connected to the district's network you will be asked for your username (Example Student: 1234567@washoeschools.org) and password once more.