Full Distance Learners on Edguinty: FAQ

Posted by Tanya Harrell on 8/21/2020

Frequently Asked Questions                                                                                                       
1. Are your courses approved by the NCAA?
a. Edgenuity curriculum is NCAA-approved. Your district/
school may have futher approvals. Please ensure
to follow NCAA guidelines for all NCAA student
2. What should I do if I received a low score on a
homework assignment?
a. Reach out to your Virtual Instructor right away through
your student dashboard to discuss your assignment,
re-takes, etc. If you do not understand a concept,
remember that concept coaches are available for class
questions if you are taking an English, math, science,
or social studies course.
3. I am having technical problems with the program. What
should I do?
a. You may reach out to technical support at any time!
Please call 888-866-4989 option 1 for fastest results.
Or you may email customersupport@edgenuity.com.
Please note that technical support will need you to
have your computer to troubleshoot.
4. Can I use notes on a quiz or test?
a. Notes can be made available on quizzes and tests
within the program. Please discuss this with your
district/school administration to find out what will be
allowed for your assessments.
5. Is tutoring provided?
a. Yes! We call our tutoring services “Concept Coaching.”
Concept Coaching is only available for English, math,
science, and social studies courses from the chat button
while inside your course.
6. Why am I getting a message saying, “a teacher needs to
review my work before I can take the test”?
a. Topic Tests are a checkpoint in which your course
work is reviewed by an online instructor before taking
the test. Please reach out to your teacher if you are
stopped for any reason.
7. Does pretesting count as an attempt?
a. Yes, pretesting counts as a quiz attempt.
Please note that pretesting is not available for students
working through NCAA requirements.
8. How much work should my student be completing each
day they work on a course?
a. The average student can complete 7 activities in one
hour. Plan on working at least 1 hour per day per
course or at least 5-7 hours per week per course. Each
student is different, so you may spend less or more
time depending on your pace and lesson mastery.
9. How long should I be working on my class each day?
a. Each class has a different amount of activities; the
time spent working on courses should be based on
completing the day’s activities scheduled in your
assignment calendar.
10. What are your hours? And are you open weekends?
a. Please see your teacher information for teacher hours.
b. Customer support hours are found at www.edgenuity.
com/support/customer-support/ Other departments
can be reached Monday -Friday between 8 am and 5
pm Mountain.