• Syllabus
    RENO, NEVADA 89512
                                                   MAJ M.J. BLACKBURN              1SG E. VAARS           MSG E. BEACH            SFC L McDOWELL
    School Year (SY) 2016-2017
    Junior and Senior Cadet Syllabus                                                                       
    1.  The Fall semester essentially focuses on five major areas:
    a. Organizing units, administrative staffs and preparing subordinate cadets (freshmen and sophomores) for ROTC leadership activities and events.
    b. Successfully participating, conducting and executing Regimental and Brigade activities.
    c. Refining individual leadership skills and techniques.
    d. Physical fitness participation, mentoring, teaching and training subordinates.
    e. Refining writing and oral communication skills.
    2 a. At this point in your leadership III and IV development, many of you have established basic and advanced skills necessary to successfully lead subordinates. Communication skills, problem-solving techniques, leadership concepts, and basic organizational dynamics are further analyzed, reviewed, and applied during the first semester.  The second semester will be a refinement or polishing of the areas/topics mentioned above.  You will have significant class time and resources to interact with subordinates in the LET I and LET II classes to accomplish this leadership refinement process throughout the semester.  You will have a unique opportunity to develop teamwork within your organization, pass on your organizational and administrative techniques, and develop your subordinate cadets’ skills and knowledge.  I expect all cadet leaders to seize the initiative during class time to effectively work with the junior cadets in areas such as Drill and Ceremony, cadet knowledge, appearance, courtesy, and general performance.  This means you must come to class prepared, with a plan, in order to efficiently and wisely use your time.  Anticipate and be prepared!
         b. Physical Fitness: The PE credit you receive through ROTC must be earned.  In the fall, as weather permits, some athletic/PE activities (softball, basketball, physical exercise, organized sports, etc.) will be conducted outside to work on teamwork/competition.  I expect all LET IIIs and IVs to participate.  Emergency medical difficulties will be addressed individually, with parent and doctor input.  Again, if you have reached the junior or senior level I expect you to set the example in this area.  You will have an opportunity to lead in various team activities.  Participation is mandatory!  Failure to bring PE clothes, dress out or participate will result in a grade reduction. We will also be conducting one Cadet Physical Fitness test this semester. 
         c. The level of success you attain with your subordinates this semester is measured through your unit’s successful participation in various events.  Staff officers must develop and implement sound administrative practices and procedures.  Company, Battalion, and Regimental leaders must train with their subordinates and successfully lead their respective units through major events this fall to receive their course grade.  
    d. Participation at Promotion Night, Halloween Haunted House, and the 11 November 2016 Veterans Day are mandatory for all junior and senior JROTC cadets as a part of their overall grade. Please plan accordingly and arrange your schedule early to preclude conflicts. You need to be available for these major first semester activities.
    e. Appearance: Setting the example and being a role model for younger cadets is an important leadership trait and a Hawk tradition. You will be graded in these areas throughout the semester. All cadets are expected to prepare their uniforms and meet individual hygiene and appearance standards in accordance with inspection requirements. There will be six uniform inspections during the fall semester.  Make ups are encouraged and will be conducted in coordination with the instructor.  
    f. Your performance will be monitored throughout the semester and results gauged.  You will be provided with evaluations of your efforts both formally and informally.  If you wish to know how you’re doing or where you stand, please ask! If absent or you miss instruction, make up your missed instruction and obtain the notes /handouts you didn’t receive. 
    3.  The grading requirements for first semester include the following:(Grades are Weighted per Regimental SOP)
    a. Individual leadership application/attitude/job performance (Weekly Leadership Grade) 20
    b. Physical Fitness Participation (Weekly PT Grade)  20
    c. Uniform Inspections (Part of the Lab Grade)  100
    d. Goals and resume (due 30 Sep)                         50
    f.  Leadership Study Briefing (due 31 October)          100  
    g. JLAB Practice Test (1 Nov)                        50
    h. Life After High School briefing (December)                 50
    j. Final Exam (December)                100
    n. Leadership Portfolio (December)                                      100
    4. Service Learning Projects – By Period, your call (ideas – Adopt a family, Evelyn Mount, School Support) 
    5. Lab fees for all cadets will be $10.00 this semester. Please let me know if you are unable to afford this expense.  
    6. Contact information - my email is mblackburn@washoeschools.net, cell number (775)229-0725. Please call with questions or concerns