• Drill Team/Color Guard

    Drill Team Captain: Jordan Eddington

    Color Guard Captan: Jessa Frank


    The drill team represents the Hawks Regiment at district level competitions with both armed and unarmed components. Members are proficient at drilling and marching, with the armed teams spinning and throwing rifles, and the unarmed team marching in elaborate formations. The color guard trains to present the national and state colors for school sports and events. Both teams also demonstrate their skill in school assemblies and for middle school recruitment.

  • JLAB

    Advisor: CWO4 Fernandez

    Captain: Alessandro Zerbini


    The Junior Leadership and Academic Bowl teams compete in a 'quiz bowl' format, with five members on each team. The academic team focuses on topics ranging from english grammar, to mathematics, science and current events. The leadership team includes questions about scenarios similar to those that cadets leaders face as part of the JROTC cirriculum. The Hawks Regiment has seen great success, with past leadership teams reaching the Level III competition in Washington D.C, as well as the 2021 academic team.

  • Rifle Team

    Advisor: CSM Herbert

    Captain: Stosh Peterson

    CoCaptain: Mikaela Hope


    The Hawks rifle team competes in shoulder-to-shoulder matches against other schools, as well as online 'postal' matches. Good shooting takes extreme focus and concentration, and the most disciplined cadets are often the most successful. Varsity and JV teams demonstrate their marksmanship skill in district and state level competitions, and even qualified for JROTC Nationals in 2019.

  • Raider Team

    Advisor: MSG Beach

    Captain: Luke Spearman


    The Raider Team represents not only the most physically fit cadets in the regiment, but also the most capable leaders. Fielding male, female and combined teams, members compete across the district in events ranging from the tire flip, rope bridge, litter carry, and more. The raider team often sees the highest turnout of any other special team.