• Course Syllabus – LET1

    1SG Edward Vaars

    CSM Tony Winters




    Guidelines for success – You will be successful in my class if you attend most classes, arrive on time, come prepared to learn and fully participate in all classroom discussions and activities. I would also expect you to follow all school rules as outlined in the school agenda book.


    Materials – The following materials will be brought to class on the designated days.


    • Monday-Tuesday are academic days. On these days you are required to bring:
      1. 21/2” notebook with the following items
      2. Cadet reference book
      3. HAWK Regiment SOP
      4. Agenda
      5. Paper
      6. Pens/pencils 
    • Fridays - are physical training days. On this day you are required to bring:
      1. The PT uniform that was issued to you from JROTC, athletic shoes (you will be given time at the beginning and end of class to change). All clothing must be in compliance with the school dress code policy.
    • Wednesday-Thursday – These days are company lab days. We will be outside on those days. On lab days we will either be conducting drill (Marching) or uniform inspections. On these days you need to bring the following items:
      • 1. On drill days bring clothing and shoes suitable for the weather.
      • 2. On uniform days wear your uniform, and items to put up your hair if you are a girl.  
    •  If you are not prepared for these days, it will result in a counseling statement and a 0 for the day.
    • Fees – There is a $10.00 lab fee. You will be expected to pay this fee within the first 2 weeks of school. If your lab fee is not paid, your name will be submitted to the school book keeper for collection and you will not be allowed to attend the military ball, go to JCLC or receive the Regimental T-shirt until it is paid.   
    • Class Procedures
    • Beginning of class
      1. Line up outside of classroom and stand at parade rest (do not talk or lean on the wall)
      2. When I tell you to enter the classroom stand behind your chair at parade rest.
      3. When I call your name for roll, come to attention say “Here First Sergeant” and take your seat. Quietly get out your materials for the day and begin working on the learning activity. 
    • Tardy Policy:
    • 1st tardy: warning
    • 2nd Tardy: deduct 5 points from citizenship, first counseling statement
    • 3rd Tardy, deduct 5 points, parent contact, 2nd counseling statement, 3 demotion points
    • 4th tardy, deduct 5 points, after school detention with me, parent contact (together) 3rd counseling statement
    • 5th tardy, referral to administration for habitual tardiness. 4th counseling statement and appearance before the reduction board
    • End of class
      • 5 minutes before the end of class put materials away. Line up desks and push all chairs in. Pick up any trash left on the floor. 

    Grading and Assignments

    • Physical fitness training 20% You will be required to wear the PT uniform that was issued to you by JROTC on designated PT days (Usually Friday). Athletic shoes are also required. Sandals, flip-flops or heavy boots or shoes are not acceptable. It is also highly recommended that you bring garments that are necessary to accommodate the weather (I.E. hats, gloves, jackets, and sunscreen). All athletic clothing will comply with the school dress code. If you do not bring your clothes or wear appropriate clothing for that day you will receive a zero for the day, a counseling statement and the opportunity to make it up on Friday after school.
    • You will also be required to fully participate and show effort during each PT session. If an illness or injury exists, the parent/guardian may write a note to excuse you from participation for a maximum of two physical training days. Doctors written excuse must cover days exceeding those two days. Those days must be made up in a non-physical manner (I.E. written report, chapter summary, cleaning and maintenance of the JROTC area). In order to receive a P.E. credit, a medical excuse must not exceed ½ of the number of physical training days in a semester. If a student has a long-term illness or injury that prevents them from participating in physical activity, a conference will be scheduled between the instructor, counselor and parent to explore appropriate options.
    • Leadership Lab: 40%
    • Uniform inspections - Each month you will be required to wear your uniform all day. If you are not prepared to properly wear your uniform (I.E. not shaved, new piercing that cannot be removed, half of uniform missing) you will receive a zero for that inspection and be expected to make it up. You are responsible for the accountability of your uniform. (That means that you need to keep track of all pieces of the uniform and not lose anything) If you lose an item, you will be required to pay a fee to have that item replaced. You will also be responsible for taking care of your uniform. Wash your shirt and socks at least monthly and get your jacket and trousers dry-cleaned at least once per semester. Cleanliness of your uniform will be checked periodically and points will be deducted for a dirty uniform. 
    • You will also be required to wear your uniform correctly all day. This means that males will not wear any facial jewelry and females will only wear ONE set of post earrings in the lobes of the ears. No other facial piercing may be worn during uniform days. Hair will be above the collar for both males and females. Males are required to shave on uniform inspection days. You will correct any deficiencies noted during the uniform inspection before the next inspection.
    • Leadership/Followership -On a weekly basis all cadets will be graded on their willingness to participate in all leadership lab activities. On lab days we will either have a uniform inspection or will participate in drill activities, competitions or leadership events. Cadets will be required to come to class prepared on leadership lab days. I will inform you at the beginning of each week what you will need to do to prepare. On drill days we will be outside. Bring warm clothing for cold days. Also, wear or bring shoes that you can march in like athletic shoes.
    • Classroom instruction: 40%
    • Learning activities & assignments - You are expected to complete any learning activities and assignments and turn it in to me on time. If you are absent check Google classroom for the day’s lessons. You will have the number of days you were absent plus one day to complete it. Assignments turned in late will receive half credit. If you get behind, talk to me so that we can work out a plan together.
    • Quizzes and tests - You will be given quizzes at the end of each block of instruction. The quizzes will be uploaded into google classroom. You must complete the quizzes while logged in. The same rules apply as with missed learning activities & assignments.
    • Class participation - You will receive a grade based upon your class participation, willingness to work within assigned groups and classroom conduct. The majority of our classroom time will focus on group activities and presentations. Participation and teamwork are extremely important. Your willingness to contribute to group work and class discussions will be an integral part of your grade. I expect you to have a positive attitude daily and be prepared for class.
    • Extra/Exceptional Effort Points: 10%Throughout the semester, there will be many opportunities to participate in additional JROTC events/activities or to be awarded extra effort points by the instructional staff. I encourage you to try to participate in those events and activities. Not only will it raise your grade but it is also FUN. 
    • Grades will be posted to Infinite Campus each Friday afternoon. 
    • The following grading scale will be used for this class:
      • 100 – 90          A
      • 89 – 80            B
      • 79 – 70            C
      • 69 – 60            D   
      • 60 – 0              F
      •  Contact Info
      •  Office phone # 333-5300 Ex. 31175.Please leave a message with a call back number and I will return your call promptly.Email: evaars@washoeschools.net/ tony.winters@washoeschools.net
      • In Person: I am always available 30 minutes prior to school beginning and 1 hour after school unless I have a meeting. I am always available anytime I am not in class so if you see me on campus, talk to me.
      • Final Words
        • Last but certainly not least. I want for us to have fun. There will be many opportunities for us to work together as a team and get to know each other. I absolutely believe that there needs to be a positive relationship between you and I. It is important to me that you have a positive learning experience and environment. My goal is to see you be successful this year, not just in my class but in all of your classes. If you need any assistance from me to make that possible, please let me know.
        • I have read the LET1 course syllabus and understand the content. As a student I promise to do my best to attend class, arrive on time and be prepared to learn. I also promise to talk to 1SG Vaars/CSM Winters if I feel that I need anything that will help me to be successful in his class.  
    • Student Name (Please Print)__________________________________________________
    • Student Signature__________________________________________________
    •   I/We have read the course syllabus for LET1 and understand the requirements for my son/Daughter to be successful in this class. I also understand that I am ultimately responsible for ensuring that my son/daughters uniform is kept clean and in repair. I also understand that I can contact 1SG Vaars/CSM Winters at any time with any questions or concerns. 
    • Parent Name (Please Print)________________________________________________
    • Parent Signature  ________________________________________________