Banquet Prep
Setting Up - Banquet
Drink Section
Junior Culinary Students
Kaegan w/ Bread Rolls
Final Garneshing
Serving Time
Ready To Go
 Line Cook Duties
Laos Main Dish
Bread Making
Indian Side Dish
Main Course
French Restaurant Main Dish
Table Set Up - Clemence
Christian & Sam w/ Delicious Food
Anel as Server Part 1
Academy Students
Keagan Making Turnovers
Ready to be Served
Part of the Team
Main Dish of Restaurant
Another Main IDish
Rico's Menu
Soup - Side Dish
Restaurant Duties w/ Chef Wright
More Main DIshes
Delicious Dishes
Clemence as Line Cook
Barr Cooking for Restaurant
Angel as Server Part 2
Bakery - Cashier POV
Prepping Turnovers