• Students will be provided a digital copy of how-to steps for our commonly-used apps and websites. 


    Below are short video links to help students and parents navigate our commonly used apps.

    How to find your assignments on Teams 

    How to access OneNote

    Parent help navigating Infinite Campus (IC)


    Click here for help with computer basic student troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting computer basics 


    The agreement must be signed to receive a computer.  You may email the student's Enrichment teacher a copy or bring a hard copy to school.  We are accepting these now!  

    Technology Agreement



    Microsoft Apps Explained:

    Teams Teams Binoculars

    • Work is assigned through Teams.
    • Work is TURNED IN through Teams.
    • Work is assessed through Teams.
    • Feedback for work completed is given through Teams.
    • Students can ask for help in Teams.
    • Think of Teams like binoculars-Students look at assignments, directions, feedback, and grades using Teams.


    OneNote OneNote Notebook

    • Students' Digital Notebook with Sections, Pages, and Digital Ink tools.
    • Students complete work and notes in OneNote.
    • Class Content is found in OneNote.
    • Students can Collaborate in OneNote.


    Outlooke Outlook

    • Students can email teachers.
    • Intranet only-Students can not email outside of WCSD or recieve an email from outside of WCSD.