• Flipped Classroom Math


    In a traditional classroom, the teacher spends the majority of the time lecturing to the students. Student activity is passive. Students then go home and practice skills.

    Flipped Classroom

    In the Flipped Classroom, students watch a video introduction of the content. Students may pause and rewind, take notes, and watch again. Students ACTIVELY engage in the lesson with the Interactive Student Edition. The students participate in an interactive guided lesson. Students may pause, replay, take notes, and work at their own pace. Students then Reflect on their learning from the lesson in their digital Notebook. Students come to class ready with questions about the content. During Class, the Students and Teacher spend their time APPLYING the concepts.

    Interactive Student Edition  

    1) Watch the Math on the Spot Video for the Module Lesson
    in Student Resources.

    Student Resourses


    2) Complete the Interactive Student Edition Explore and Explain Sections.

    Student Interactive Edition Explore Explain

    3) Complete the Orange Personal Math Trainer.

    Orange Personal Math Trainer

    4) Complete the Flipped Classroom Graphic Organizer for the Lesson
    in your digital Notebook:

    • Define new vocabulary.

    • Explain something learned from the lesson.

    • Ask a clarifying question about the lesson.

    • Snip and paste the Orange Personal Math Trainer Score.

    5) Click TURN IN in the Teams Assignment.

    Turn In Button