• 2nd Battalion


    Battalion Commander: Alondra Hau 


    Hi, I'm the 2nd Battalion Commander. I love to run and read. As well as seeking equality for all. My dog is my number one love. I hope to become a physician or a surgeon and provide medical assistance to those that really really really need it. If you ever need anyone to rant to, I’m all ears.

    Battalion XO: Lesieli Epui 


    I am responsible for watching over the Battalion S1 & S4, as well as assist the Battalion Commander. Works with the Regimental XO to ensure that the Battalion and Regimental staff are working together. 
    “I can’t complain about how much is on my plate when all I ever wanted in the future was to eat.”
    Battalion CSM: Esperanza Martinez
    Hi I’m Esperanza! I like long walks on the beach and.. just playing. This is my third year and I’m happy to be 2nd battalion CSM. From squad leader to first sergeant and now here. The only way I could go is up and I’m shooting for the stars!
    Battalion S-1: David Cortez-Leon
    My name is David Cortez-Leon I’m the battalion S1 and I’m in charge of all the files within the battalion. I’m 17 and joined the regiment mainly because of my older sister. I’m the second oldest of 4 and really enjoy meeting new people. 
    Juan Sanchez 
    Hi, I am the battalion S-4 in charge of supplies.
    Company Commanders and First Sergeants 
    Alpha 2
    Commander: Joshua Kamuka 
    Hello, my name is Joshua Kamuka and I am the company commander for Alpha 2. I am a Junior at Hug High School. I would say that I am a mediocre person. I just get done what needs to be done. I am a pretty boring guy. My favorite food is Tongan food and pretty much everything else besides seafood. I take part of the Drill Team and also play Basketball for Hug. In my leisure time, if I have any, I take the time to help my sister with her homework and sleep. I plan after high school to major in Aerospace Engineering. Graduate with my masters and go to Tonga to the top seminary school in the Pacific and major in pastoral studies and earn my doctorate. "Work 5 days, preach on Sunday." 
    First Sergeant: Stosh Peterson 
    My name is Stosh Peterson and I'm the First Sergeant for Alpha 2. When I'm not busy with schoolwork or with my company, you can find me shooting on the rifle team, skiing, golfing or resting at home with my Labrador, Jackie. I have high hopes and look forward to a great 2018-2019 year with the Hawks Regiment.
    Bravo 2
    Commander: Irene Oliva
    Hi, I am Irene Oliva the commander for Bravo 2.
    First sergeant: 
    Some things about myself are that I try to find the positive side to life, I enjoy music and reading, and I try to be as helpful as I can if someone needs help. 
    Charlie 2
    Commander: Andrea Rodriguez
    I have to be weird because being normal just isn’t an option for me at this point..... This is me stepping out of my comfort zone
    First Sergeant: Vanessa Lopez
     I’m not the smartest person out there, nor the prettiest, but you wouldn’t regret meeting me. There are some people who have the same personality traits as me but for sure not all. All of my friends say I am “unique” I say I’m weird. The best kind of weird.
    Delta 2
    Commander: Liliana Franco
    I am a Junior at Hug High Schools in the Army JROTC program. I am the oldest child in my family. I’m caring and loving to others. Family is the most important to me. My older cousin used to be In ROTC which influenced me to join the program because it seemed interesting to me when I watched her be involved in ROTC events. After my first two years in ROTC, I fell in love with it. I like to communicate and be apart of a group that turns into family.
    First Sergeant: Brenda Lopez
    I love helping people, especially kids. I like playing sports and being active. I like learning and trying new things and I also like giving my best, in everything that I do.