• 1st Battalion


    Battalion Commander: Yvette Ramirez


    Hi, I'm Yvette Ramirez the 1st Battalion Commander, I am in charge of providing guidance to company commanders and informing my battalion of the Regimental commander's orders. I am a fun, outgoing person, apart from being a battalion commander I am also the Armed Drill Team Commander. I'm super out there, so don't be shy, I need friends!


    Battalion XO: Gabriell Esposia 


    Hi, my name is Gabriell Esposia and I am the 1st Battalion XO. I like to motivate young cadets to become better persons!


    Battalion CSM: Christopher Seifert 


    Hi, my name is Chris and I am a Junior. When I’m not drowning in schoolwork, I like playing games and reading, as well as messing around with history and geography. I’m a Boy Scout on my way to Eagle, and I enjoy being outdoors, preferably where it is humid. After high school, I plan on going to college and studying Astrophysics abroad.


    Battalion S-1: Citlally Medrano


    My name is Citlally Medrano I am the first Battalion S-1. I am in charge of records for the battalion. I am also a part of the health science academy and I love being outdoors.  


    Battalion S-4: Naomi Guttierez


    I'm Naomi Guttierez, I am the 1st battalion S-4, I'm in charge of supply and organization. I like dogs and music. I want to go to UNR and become a graphic designer  


    Company Commanders and First Sergeants


    Alpha 1

    Commander: Angelica Nieves 


    First Sergeant: Dulce Rios 


    I am Cadet First Sergeant Dulce Rios. Something to know about me is that I am shy but I can also be a fun person to be with. I enjoy being outdoors and I like to try new things. I believe that after every storm the sun will always come out and shine to bring joy.

    Bravo 1



    My name is Ulysses Saucedo. I am the Company Commander of Bravo 1, with the rank cadet captain. I am hoping to teach others and myself while I am the Commander of Bravo 1.

    First Sergeant: Arturo Juarez


    I am a person who enjoys leisure time and kicking back once in a while. But once it comes to the serious stuff, it’s go time. I am in a relationship like one that I’ve never been in before. Thanks to it, I am happier than I’ve ever been in life and now see the world through its true beauty. I accept the fact that life will not be easy and I will be met with great hardships, but I’m ready to fight through it and make it out alright. 

    Charlie 1

    Commander: Madison Davidson 


    I am Maddi Davidson and I’m the company commander of Charlie 1. I like music and I’m always smiling and laughing. Say hi to me if you see me around!


    First Sergeant Yaritza Benites


     Hi, I'm First Sergeant Benites Yaritza, I like to be able to accomplish my goals and help others

    Delta 1

    Commander: Sebastian Hatzi

    Hi, my name is Sebastian Hatzi and I am the company commander of Delta 1. 


    First Sergeant: Meghan Takemoto


    My name is Meghan Takemoto and I'm a sophomore. My favorite things are cats and food. I'm really awkward, but spend a lot of time doing things like gymnastics, playing viola, and exercising. I want to travel the world and am working towards my lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian.


    Echo 1

    Commander: Shantel Magaoy 


    Hi! Names Shantel and I am the company commander of Echo 1. I would say that I’m a very socially awkward person in general but I do like doing others things such as drawing my own characters and comics and playing video games that are mostly RPG’s or even fighting games. I am pretty quiet when you first meet me but I do open up over time and become more talkative especially when I’m with my friends or family.

    First Sergeant: Arreola


    Hi, I am the first sergeant of Echo 1.