• Learn about the Regimental Staff:


    Karinna Romero 


    Hello everyone! My name is Karinna Romero and I am the Regimental Commander for this school year. I am responsible for overseeing the entire program with Major Blackburn in order to make sure we are reaching our goals while also having a lot of fun. I am also the Unarmed Drill Team Commander which has been very successful for the past 3 years. When I'm not in RO, you'll see me hanging out with friends or eating food. I can't wait to have an amazing year with all of you!


    Spencer Gillis


    Hello! My name is Spencer Gillis, and I’m the Regimental Executive Officer of the Hug Hawks Regiment. Among other things, I enjoy spending time with friends, especially in the outdoors. My goal is to commission into the United States Army as a Second Lieutenant by receiving an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. 


    Ana Delgadillo


    Hi! My name is Ana Delgadillo, and I’m the Regimental Command Sergeant Major of the Hawks Regiment for the 2018-2019 school year. Soon I will begin the application process for USMA so when I’m not busy with that you’ll find me doing what I love, spending time with friends and traveling. I look forward to making this a great year for the Regiment. 


    Devin Cochran 


    My name is Devin Cochran, and this is my third year in ROTC. I am a regimental S-1 in the RO program, and I am not currently on any special teams. I play the flute and piccolo (which is just a smaller flute) in the band. I am also on the Mock Trial team. I have always had a lot of fun in RO and I hope to have even more this year!


    Brandy Manriquez 

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    Hello everyone! My name is Brandy Manriquez and I am the regimental S-2, I am in charge of our Regimental website and pictures. I am a very outgoing person! I love spending with my friends, family, and dogs. I hope to have a wonderful year! Go Hawks!


    Jared Lu


    My name is Jared Lu, and I am the regimental S-3 or the Operations Officer for the 2018-2019 school year. My responsibilities include organizing the scheduling of the regiment and managing the company competitions and point allotments. If not in the office, hard at work, you can find me in the rifle range earning medals and trophies for our regiment, as I am the co-Captain of the Hawks Rifle Team. Beyond RO, I have interests in History and Science, and on my off time, enjoy video games and sleep. I hope to make this year a great one.


    Kelsey Fajardo 


    Hey everyone, my name is Kelsey Fajardo and my position in ROTC is the Regimental S-4. I'm interested in drill team and binge watching tv shows. I also like to hang out with friends or sleep in my free time.


    Moices Aguirre


    Hi, my name is Moices Aguirre, I am the Regimental S5 putting me in charge of Publicity. Outside of the Regiment, I am apart of the Varsity Football Team. GO HAWKS! And in the Winter I am on the Cheer team so catch me looking like a beauty but stunting like a beast! Don't hesitate to come up to me and talk about anything, if you see me in on or off campus I'll be more than willing to help out!


    Henry Dalton 


    Hi, my name is Henry Dalton and I'm the Regimental S-6 for the Hug Hawks Regiment of the 2018-2019 school year. I like coding, exercise, and video games. I'm interested in pursuing college ROTC and commissioning into the Army after college as a 2nd Lieutenant. In college, I plan to pursue a degree in Computer Science and likely a graduate degree while in the Army or after.