• The Jungle Vocabulary words

    Posted by Jennifer Hoy on 10/21/2019 7:00:00 AM



    For each Reading of The Jungle:


    Starting on page 40, of section 1 in your reader’s/writer’s notebook list five (5) words that are unfamiliar to you along with the following information:

    1. Word
    2. Page number where you found the word
    3. The sentence that contains the word from the book
    4. A ‘context definition’—what you think the word means based on the context as it used
    5. A dictionary definition
    6. Write two additional meaningful sentences that show how you would use the word in your writing


    Then select one word and add it to the class vocabulary blog including the following:

    1. Your Name and team name
    2. The word and page number where it can be found in the book
    3. The official definition
    4. One of your meaningful sentences that you wrote in your reader’s notebook


    You will receive grades for the following:


    • Five words completed as explained above per reading (total of 40 words)in your reader’s notebook
    • 8 entries in the class blog—one word added per reading section as outlined in the class calendar. Grades for this will be posted each week following the vocabulary/literary device workshop each week. 



    Mrs. Hoy will then select 30 words from the entire book that were posted in the class vocabulary blog that she thinks everyone should know.  This list along with the definitions will published on MS Teams by November 25thso you will have three weeks to learn and master the words before the test.


    A test on these 30 words will be conducted on December 12th(1stperiod) and 13th(7thperiod).  The test will include definitions, spelling, and sentence use.


    Points will be awarded to the teams for each word selected that was submitted by your team.  If a word is posted by multiple teams, points will be given to the team that posted it first.



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