• Athletic Registration Procedures

    Printable copy Parent's Step-by-Step Guide to Register My Athlete

    The WCSD and Incline High School utilizes registermyathlete.com to register athletes for NIAA sanctioned sports. The process takes about 45 minutes to complete. Please include to use a computer with either chrome or firefox browser to complete. Here are some basic steps to follow when registering your athlete for the first time:

    1. Find Incline High School: 

    Go to http://registermyathlete.com/schools/, begin by selecting Nevada and finding Incline High School. Click on the school to continue to the next step.

    2. Create an account: Now begin creating your account by clicking the “Create an Account” button. After filing in the required information the system will automatically log you in and you will be required to accept the terms of use.

    3. Add a new athlete: The next step is to add an athlete. You can do so by clicking the “My Athletes” tab on the left-hand side of the page or by clicking “Add Athlete” underneath the “My Athletes” tab. This only needs to be done once during your athlete’s entire career at a school. The information entered here will carry over from year to year. This information includes your athlete’s contact information and medical information.

    4. The athlete’s profile: After you’ve created your athlete you will be brought to their Profile page. This page is a summary of their information and previous involvement in athletics. 

    5. Register for a sport: Click “+ Register for a Sport” to begin registration, you will be asked to choose a sport for your athlete. Select all sports your child is interested in. Additional sports may be added later.

    6. Your registration checklist: This page shows the status of your athlete’s registration. You will be asked to complete several steps to complete registration including agreeing to documents, and completing the physical.

    Each document must be opened and then signed electronically:

    Sport/Activity Acknowledgement Form

    High School Residency/Custody Statement

    Athletic Travel Waiver of Liability and assumption of Risk

    High School Off-Season Sport/Conditioning Permit

    Parent/Legal Guardian & Student Acknowledgement – Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco Policy

    Athletic Emergency Information Form

    The following documents may be uploaded electronically or turned in to the athletic secretary Miss Maria Diaz:

    NIAA Health Questionnaire/Interim Form

    Pre-Participation History Form

    NIAA Pre-Participation Physical Examination (these are good for two years) 

    7. Complete registration: Your registration is complete once all items on the checklist have been completed.

    8. After registration: After registration is compete, you can login at any time to view the Status of your athlete and their participation on the team.

    Additional Athletes 

    Under the same account, repeat step 3-9 to register additional athletes.

    The following fees must be paid to the bookkeeper Miss Barbara Loeschner in the office. All fee's are collected at the school:

    $50.00 Athletic Transportation Fee

    $25.00 Student Body Fee

    $5.00 Impact (Concussion) Assessment Fee

    $10.00 Athletic Training and Supply Fee (Paid each season for each sport played)

    $50.00 Golf Fee (if applicable)

    Future Seasons & Years

    Once your athlete has been added to your account, you only need to follow steps 5-8 to register them for another sport.

    Student Insurance link.