• Dual Credit US History 101 & 102 is a rigorous academic course that introduces students to the political (diplomatic), intellectual, cultural, religious, economic, social (class & gender issues), and artistic trends that not only shaped American events, but also influenced the world from 1491 to the present. This class will prepare students for the demands of a college education by providing experience in college level reading, writing, and responsibility for learning. In addition to traditional lectures (notes) on important themes of history, students will be expected to participate in class through discussions of primary documents and events, as well as debates of key issues. Students can expect to spend between four and six hours a week outside of class on coursework.  

    The volume of material involved in a survey course covering over 300 years of history and an entire continent is immense, and therefore organization (notes) and the maintenance of a notebook (for all class materials) is essential. Completion of each course allows qualified candidates to receive college credit for the course.