• Naval Science 1 (NS1) is the entry level course for the Damonte Ranch HS Navy JROTC.  In NS1 first semester, students will learn the basic of what it takes to be a NJROTC cadet and what the program offers them and can do for them.  Students are issued a NJROTC uniform and will be taught how to properly wear, iron, assembly, maintain and upkeep of the uniform.  Students are taught the history of NJROC and its roots to make it what it is today.  Second semester students are taught health, proper diet, SHARE, importance of physical exercise, orienteering (land navigation) and survival skills.  NJROTC is open to any student whether they plan on joining the military out of high school, are curious about the military and its components, planning on vocational school or college after high school.  NJROTC provides a unique opportunity that helps students mature, grow and develop tangible skills, such as followership, true leadership and other skills necessary for success after high school.

    Students will start off the year with a Cadet Data Packet that must be filled out and turned in so that the cadet is able to participate in the various events throughout the year.  The data packet will include a calendar of the year’s events for parents to keep. Students are also given a sign up page for the Remind app.  The Remind app is a texting app that we use to remind cadets of various events, activities and deadlines.  Parents are encouraged to sign up for the Remind texts as well so they are informed on what their cadet has coming up.  A yearly schedule is also handed out to all cadets with the events years and competitions including the mandatory events. The cadet’s calendar is included in their cadet hand book that they are given in the beginning of the semester.