• All 2018-2019 IHS students will read and sign the Student Behavior Contract. 

    Tardies-our progressive discipline policy is an effort to have students understand that timeliness is held in high regard.  It is everyone's responsibility to contribute to teaching and learning environments that are uninterupted.

    Dress Code-Students should dress appropriately for a professional learning environment.

    Technology-Personal use of technology devices is not allowed during classtime.

    Inappropriate Behavior-Consequences are based on course policies and procedure.

    Loss of Off Campus Privilege-Students NOT in good standing are required to remain on campus at lunch for the following:

    below 2.0 GPA (NIAA Eligibility)

    3 minor behaviors (dress code, technology, inappropriate behavior)

    1 major behavior (suspension)

    10 or more total tardies in 2nd through 7th periods OR 20 total tardies for 1st period

    The complete contract can be found here. STUDENT BEHAVIOR CONTRACT