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    As we move into the 2020-2021 school year, please note that our counseling assignments have changed. We are moving to what is called the "Alphabet Model." Students are assigned to a counselor by their last name as follows:

    Julie Benson: Last Names A-Da

    Amanda Feehan: Last Names Db-Hi

    Kristy Smith: Last Names Hj-Mi

    Erin Parker: Last Names Mj-Rz

    Katie Brown: Last Names S-Z


    We hope all our WCSD families are well and staying safe and healthy during this time of physical distancing. Please make an effort to reach out electronically to friends, family, teachers and counselors to remain socially connected. We are all in this together and your school counselors, social workers and safe school professionals are here to help you. We care about our WCSD families! During this difficult time, we want our students and families to know we are here to help. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns via email, phone or text at the following numbers:

    Julie Benson: 775-337-9886           

    Katie Brown: 775-337-9883           

    Amanda Feehan: 775-337-9884

    Erin Parker: 775-337-9885           

    Kristy Smith: 775-337-9882         

    Vicki Hanson:

    COVID-19 and Distance Learning Resources

    The mission of the McQueen Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program which facilitates the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. The school counselors provide support to maximize student potential and academic achievement so that all students can graduate prepared for college and career success.

     Book an Appointment with your Counselor

    Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors may make an appointment online to meet with their counselor in the Counseling Office. The counselors have a page set up on Calendly so that you can book your appointment easily from the dates and times listed. Please be specific in describing what you want to discuss with your counselor; many issues can quickly be resolved without an appointment.


    Family Graduation Advocate 

    Ms. Angie Kirk is our school's Family Graduation Advocate, and is charged with supporting our counselors, families, and ultimately our students on the path to graduation.  In addition to working regularly with our counselors and staff, Ms. Kirk's duties also include: 

    • Working with our school Attendance department to contact families early and develop solutions and plans for students to regularly attend school. 
    • Partnering with the district Truancy department to conduct home visits for students who are chronically absent. 
    • Partnering with our school's Career Center to increase students' exposure to resources for career and college planning. 
    • Connecting students with our after-school tutoring program. 
    • Connecting students with the Nevada Career Information System for college and career planning.

    Please contact her at 746-5880 ext. 32453 or


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Counseling Contacts


    Julie Benson - Last Names A-Da


    Amanda Feehan - Last Names Db-Hi


    Kristy Smith - Last Names Hj-Mi


    Erin Parker - Last Names Mj-Rz


    Katie Brown - Last Names S-Z


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