What do students say?

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  • "Computer science is fun! We get to build games, play with robots, and take apart computers. There are lots of cool guest speakers too."

    - Kate Smith, first-year student


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  • "Computer science is a cool way to make my imagination come to life. Coding is a cool concept and is super fun to learn. Not only is it fun, but it's a great way for me to secure a brighter future because computer science is a subject all careers use and makes you really smart."

    - Drake Thompson, second-year student


    "What I like about computer science class is the new experiences. The most fun part is learning how to code and building real programs that actually work." 

    - Aniea Wiley, second-year student


    "I like computer science because I like technological devices and apps, so working with these is really interesting. My favorite part is building games, I enjoy playing games, but making them is something else."  - Matthew Schwarzer, second-year student

  • "I like computer science because it empowers me to be creative and it allows me to learn more about how the technology all around us works. My favorite part of the class is coding my own apps, and the most fun part is dismantling and rebuilding computers. I would recommend these courses to new students, especially those who want to work on games or electronics."

    - Jovanni Santos, second-year student


    "I love the coding aspect of computer science. It's so fun to create any app imaginable. There's a lot of problem solving that make this class helpful in so many ways. Others should take this class just for the experience and fun things to learn." 

    - Brittyn Adelo, second-year student

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  • "It’s a purposeful class. I’ve learned a lot about technology and even considered it as a future career."

    - Niai Schneider, second-year student


    "The most fun part of learning about computers is feeling like it's actually applicable outside the classroom. The classes feel really beneficial for taking a step toward a job in the STEM field(s). I enjoy that it's guided and also has creativity involved."

    - Ryan Renfro, second-year student


    "Many career paths today are advanced in technology including biology. And as someone who wants to be a marine biologist in the future it is very important to understand how to use a computer and how they work."

    - Adrianna Donnelly, second-year student



  • "The class is very fun and has lots of exciting activities and speakers that come in to teach us. Computer science in general is very helpful not only as a career path, but as a life skill you can use for other subjects and career paths!"

    - Steven Wiles, second-year student


    "I like computer science because it is entertaining. My favorite parts of the classes are when we get to code and make our own apps."

    - Joseph Romansik, second-year student


    "I like computer science because it allows me to express myself in a fun and creative way. My favorite part of the classes is being able to create an app/game from scratch. The most fun part of learning about computers is being able to apply in my day-to-day life."

    - Kaitlyn Miller, second-year student





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