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            All of our class reading texts are electronically stored on CANVAS due to copyright restrictions

            For CANVAS access go to:   https://washoe.instructure.com/



    (Arranged backwards on this page- click more to view the full list & use the numbers at the bottom for multiple pages)

    Unit 0: Start of the Year                                                Unit 7: Essay Resources

    Unit 1: Homework                                                          Unit 8: Grammar                                                   

    Unit 2: Dystopian Short Stories                                  Unit 9: Hero's Journey / Monomyth                                   

    Unit 3: MLA Citation                                                      Unit 10: Literary Analysis

    Unit 4: Claim, Evidence, Reasoning                             Unit 11: Choice Book Clubs

    Unit 5: Romeo and Juliet                                              Unit 12: Poetry

    Unit 6: Writing                                                               Unit 13: Bell Ringers