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    Welcome to Counseling Department!

    Counselors are located in the main office building!

    775-321-3200 phone extensions below

    College Board Counselor Recognition Program  

    Congratulations to ALL of our counselors for earning the 2021 College Board Counselor Recognition!!!


    Mery Mares, Counselor       Andrea DeMichieli, Counselor  Jilian Piper, Counselor

         Mery Mares, A-C              Andrea DeMichieli, D-H     Jilian Piper, I-MAR   

    x31105                                x31199                           x31197

    Sam Rosales, Counselor Jen Felices, Counselor Carly Lott, Counselor

           Sam Rosales, MAS-PEQ        Jen Felices, PER-SAM                Carly Lott, SAN-Z 

    x31231                                  x31198                                  x31201




    Letter from your Hug High School Counselors


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