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  • "I love North Star because everyone is so nice and friendly. Every time I come in I feel super welcomed. I chose North Star because it helps me have more time to do what I love without jeopardizing my education." ~ Grace Gerberry (student)

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  • "North Star gives both of my children flexibility to learn at their own pace. North Star staff is top notch and I love the help my children receive when they need it. I can’t say enough good things! Love, love, love this school so much!" - North Star Parent

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  • "I chose to go to NorthStar at first just simply for the reason that I could control my hectic schedule. I had a lot going on including Karate, horses, 4-H, and soccer. I also liked that I didn’t have the distraction of people anymore. I could focus more on my work and put more attention into it than into people. But I love NorthStar for the teachers too. All of them are amazing and way better than any of the teachers I have ever had before. They are flexible with my schedule as well, if I can’t be at a LiveLesson for an event, I can just make it up and it will still count. I also like all the opportunities for clubs and meeting people. Even though it’s an online school, I feel like the social aspect is there. I love how easy it is to start a club too, all the teachers are really supportive in starting one if the student is willing to put in the effort. I met my best friend at NorthStar, who I would have never met and I have no idea how my life would be if I hadn’t. Plus, most of my friend group is from the Dungeons and Dragons club. NorthStar has been a great school for me since 6th grade, and I could never imagine going back to public school." ~ Jordan Carr (Student)

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