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    What is North Star Online School? 




    Our Mission 

    At North Star Online School, we empower independent learners with an individualized and flexible online learning experience supported by local teachers committed to preparing students for college and/or highly skilled careers.

    Local Teachers

    We have local, highly-qualified teachers that are located on campus. They are available at school, by phone, or through email to help students.

    Flexible Schedule & Mobile Learning 

    Early in the morning, late at night, after practice, or before work, North Star's online curriculum lets students do their school work when it works for them. Traditional classrooms may not be the ideal learning environment for everyone. With a computer and high-speed internet, North Star students can attend class at home, on the road, in our school computer labs, or wherever they focus best.


    North Star Online School's rigorous curriculum is accredited, including by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and correlates to the curriculum used in the Washoe County School District's traditional schools. Our online curriculum allows students to learn at their own pace. Motivated students can fit in extra classes and have the potential to graduate early, while students that need to slow down in order to learn and understand a subject can do so as well.
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