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    Parents and families are the backbone of our school. Parents partner with our teachers to assist in the education of the student at home. Our teachers work with parents to form the best educational plan for the students.
    Parents should expect to be involved in their student's education on a daily basis.  A student typically spends 4-6 hours per day on their schoolwork. The time required of parents is proportional to the age and independence of the student.  On average, parents report spending 4-6 hours with their student in grades K-5, and around 4 hours daily  in grades 6-12. 
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  • "My Family and I LOVE this School. Top Notch Teachers and Administrators!!! Very thankful and we look forward to our daughter graduating from this fine school."
    -North Star Online School Parent
    "We love this school. Flexible schedule, challenging curriculum for our son, and THE best teachers."
    -North Star Online School Parent

    "At North Star, she has been allowed to work faster, at her own pace and accomplish more."
    -North Star Online School Parent
    "She enjoys the teachers, the one-on-one help is great for her, her grades have come way up.  North Star has been a nice alternative where she has absolutely blossomed."
    -North Star Online School Parent